Instablogs To Start During Lockdown

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Are you looking for something to do during all the endless hours of lockdown? Why not start your own Instagram blog? Here are some ideas of what blogs you can start. Instagram

If you have always wanted to start your own Instagram blog, now is the best time to do so. With time on your hands, the world is your oyster. First and foremost, you need to decide what motivates you and what you would like to blog about. This way, you will never run out of content or blog ideas so you can keep giving your viewers content they can use and get excited about.

Why this might be a lot of fun:

  • Social media is a great way to connect with people.
  • You will always have an audience.
  • It's a great way to keep busy, especially during lockdown.
  • It is also an awesome way to share what you are passionate about.
  • Once you get a following, you'll be encouraged to keep blogging

Zola Nene


Starting your very own Instagram cooking or baking page is a great way to showcase how inventive, creative, diverse and exciting cooking can be. This is also a brilliant way to help others find inspiration in the kitchen.

What's great about it is that you can do something quick and exciting, share recipes, plating ideas and final dishes.

Get inspired by something delicious with these food blogs.


DIY channels are some of the most followed channels on the internet. This is because people love to create something and having a little souvenir is quite encouraging.

Your blog can be about absolutely anything, such as origami, painting hacks, sewing, knitting, quilting, drawing, crafts and so much more.

This is also a great opportunity to speak to specific target markets.

Mom and Child

Parenting Blogs

If you're looking for ways to encourage other parents or want to showcase the reality of daily parenting, then an Instagram page is a great way to start. And, you'll be helping out other parents while you're at it.

Parenting blogs are one of the most influential categories on the internet.

Get some inspiration from Pre-Loved Kids Clothing's Facebook Page, and check out more about the store here.

Gym Bunny 

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then why not share your journey with others? You can share what has worked for you and what hasn't, your eating habits, your gym wear and much more.

People love real examples, so this will attract an honest following.


Fashion blogs are quite popular on social media, with a lot of influencers receiving many endorsements and having quite a few followers.

Start your own blog, be authentic and aim for a particular audience. Not everyone loves the same thing, so remember to stay true to your sense of style.


Instagram is all about photographs, so start your own photography blog! Your blog can be about unusual or abstract photography. This is a great way to improve your photography skills, but you'll need a good quality camera.

Check out these photographers for inspiration.

Oomchenge Johannesburg

Do you have your own Instagram blog? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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