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Why Oomchenge All About Visual Art

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Feast your eyes on creativity, unique concepts that will inspire you to capture the moment. Oomchenge will have you falling in love with their works of art.

They say a picture is like a thousand words, and this is no lie when we see storytelling daily through visual and many perfecting the craft. Platforms like Instagram have made sure to help us tell the stories that we have been striving for. This is exactly what Oomchenge is doing.

Visual art has become the most marketable form of art and expression in the country and that is why everyone wants to be in front of the camera or behind it. Their work helps you to understand why they love what they do so much and why keep pushing to keep doing great work.

Oomchenge Johannesburg

Creating the concept from ground up and making sure that the story shines through the lens and grabs your attention and makes you feel a certain emotion.

Mzansi Making Us Proud...

Oomchenge has been one of the agencies in Joburg that are going back to the raw culture of photography, cinematography and visual arts altogether.

They are all about speaking to you as an individual and creating something that speaks to everyone. They also tell your stories through visual capturing every moment. Oomchenge strives to breathe out creative concepts and unique elements to tell your story with every project that they work on.

Oomchenge Johannesburg

Not only are they creative but have chosen to situate themselves in one of the most vibrant areas in Johannesburg that is known for being a hub for creatives and art, which really speaks to their creative ethos. The bustling city motivates them to stay inspired and motivated to keep making art.

Where The Visual Comes In?


They develop amazing concepts to tell the story of each and every brand they touch. It's all about innovation and unique ideas. Capturing every frame and making a moment of it. They take their photography very seriously.

Oomchenge Johannesburg


Videos have become the best way to get the story across and make something that people are willing to share, and at Oomchenge, they make something that will move you. With video promos not only growing in the digital and online platforms and creative space - many brands and corporate companies are getting on the wagon and calling for Oomchenge to lead their way.

Digital Advertising

We live in Instant Generation times and digital advertising is contributing to everyone's lives and convenience. Making digital beautiful is what they do best.

It is really about capturing the moment and translating this in every way possible, they also pride themselves in making mind-blowing presentations that leave a long lasting image in your brain.

Oomchenge prides themselves in their creativity and are known for making everything they do connected to Creativity.

You can check out more of their art on Instagram.

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