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Here's How To Stay Productive During Lockdown

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So, you've watched all the new and classic series on Netflix and Showmax. You've read all your favourite books back to front. And you've completely decluttered your home – three times. And working from home just seems to be daunting and dragging. So, what now? Here's how you can stay productive during the 2021 Winter Lockdown. Mom and daughter together perform different exercises

Start An Online Course 

Why not upskill by enrolling for an online short course at GetSmarter while you're in isolation? They offer courses for 15 different faculties, ranging from Art & Design, Education and Business Management to Writing, Marketing, Health and Law. Not only is this a good time to brush up on your skills, it's also an opportunity to add to your CV. For more insight into other courses that they have lined up for 2020, visit their website at

working from home with laptop, coffee, phone and headphone on a wooden desk with a shelf in the background

YouTube Tutorials

YouTube has thousands of videos uploaded for your viewing pleasure. It's the perfect platform to find a new hobby or learn a new skill. Visit the website and explore, you're bound to find something to suit your tastes and interests. Need a few suggestions? Think along the lines of dance instructors, knitting tutorials, makeup application videos, cooking classes and more.

Joburg YouTubers Meetup

Do Some Gardening

Get outside, enjoy a little bit of fresh air and get your hands dirty in the garden. Since you have some spare time on your hands, why not prepare your garden for autumn and winter, or get started organising, planning and planting your own veggie garden? Need a few ideas? Click here for a few tips.

Go On A Virtual Museum & Art Gallery Tour

You don't need to purchase a plane ticket and travel abroad in order to see some of the world's renowned art galleries and museums. With the advancements in technology, you can view these remarkable places from the comfort of your own home. Think along the lines of the Natural History Museum in London; the Vatican Museums in Rome; the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in South Korea; and The Met Gallery in New York.

Johannesburg Art Gallery JAG

Start Bullet Journaling

There's a new craze that has taken the world by storm – bullet journaling! Now, this isn't just a bunch of squiggles and scribbles, it's actually quite therapeutic. And it comes along with a number of benefits, such as helping you stay organised, inspiring fresh ideas, boosting your creativity, encouraging you to reach your goals, and most importantly, it gives you a little escape from all the negativity to give you some peace of mind.

journaling on block paper with colourful page dividers

Listen To Podcasts

Whether you need a little inspiration, motivation or a spot of happiness, there's definitely a podcast that'll lift your spirits or pique your interest during isolation. There are many topics and genres to choose from, all you have to do is explore the world of podcasts. So grab your phone, a pair of headphones, find a comfy spot somewhere in the sun or go for a walk, and listen to a podcast that's sure to make you feel a bit more focused and entertained.

podcasts ipod on a wooden table with earphones attached

Learn A Language

Since you'll have some free time on your hands, why not be productive and learn a language? There are many tutorial videos on YouTube as well as language apps that you can try. And if you want to make learning more entertaining, why not try This site is free to use and offers more than 100 languages for you to choose from. What makes this site fun is the fact that you'll learn while playing an online game. Lose a 'life' for every incorrect answer and score points and progress for correct answers. This is the perfect opportunity to teach yourself how to read, write, understand and speak a brand-new taal. Try it!

learning a new language from colourful books

Workout With YouTube

If you're not feeling ready to head back to the gyn just yet, why not keep yourself active with these workouts from fitness enthusiasts on YouTube? There's no excuse to not get our butts off the couch and break a sweat. If we're going to be snacking and binge watching series while we wait for the lockdown restrictions to lift slightly, we need to counteract the laziness with a great workout.

blue balance ball, blue weights, in a lounge, on the floor, beige rug

Create The Ultimate Zen Zone For Mental Well-Being

With all the stress and uncertainty going on, surely you need a space where you can meditate, calm down and zen out to ensure mental well-being during the lockdown. Click here for inspiration to create your own zen zone at home, in your car and at work (for when you return to the office). It's important to keep calm, in good spirits and focused during this time.


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