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Handmade Mother's Day Gifts To Put A Smile On Mom's Face

Handmade Mother's Day Gifts To Put A Smile On Mom's Face

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Mother's Day is on its way. Can you believe it? We know that money may be tight right now and that finding the perfect gift for Mom could be tricky with various lockdown regulations still in place. So, we've put together a handy DIY gift guide for Mother's Day 2020! Get out your craft gear and let's get busy making some awesome prezzies for the most special person in our lives.  Mother's Day

Breakfast In Bed

Brekkie in bed is a classic Mother's Day gift almost anyone can pull off. Treat mom to an array of her favourite morning-time treats, whether it be bacon and eggs, fluffy flapjacks or a bowl of fresh fruit drizzled with honey. Don't forget the coffee or tea either! And, make sure to clean up after yourself in the kitchen. There is no greater Mother's Day sin than making mom do the dishes on her special day.

Need a little breakfast in bed inspiration? Check out our article on Mother's Day breakfasts with a twist!

At-Home Spa Day

Seeing as mom won't be allowed to visit her favourite nail salon or beauty parlour for the foreseeable future, you may want to treat her to an at-home spa day this Mother's Day. Get out that old foot spa and pamper mom from top to toe. You can join in on the fun, too, by making a few DIY face masks out of kitchen staples. If you don't have the time to treat mom yourself, make her a gift she can use to pamper herself. We like the idea of homemade bath salts or a rejuvenating body scrub. It's a lot easier than you might think, so get busy before the big day rolls around!

Mother's Day

Pretty Picture Frame

What do moms love more than pictures of their children? Not much. But, don't just stick any old photograph in a frame. Recreate old family photos this Mother's Day with your siblings or dad. Dress up in similar clothing and try to reposition yourself to create a then-and-now type photo shoot. Not only will you be giving mom a good laugh and a chance to reminiscence, but it's a fun challenge to keep you entertained while under lockdown. Finish things off by placing your new photographs in a handmade frame. All you will need are a few stencils, some acrylic paint and lots of creativity!

Herb Planter

Is your mom a green-thumbed goddess? This indoor herb planter is the perfect gift for a mom who loves gardening. You may need a few DIY tools, but it's simple enough to hack together out of a few pieces of wood, some nails and wood glue. Paint the planter once it's assembled or leave the wood natural. However, we do recommend getting yourself a pot of black chalk paint for the front of the planter. Write the names of the herbs in chalk for an added touch of finesse. The most popular are usually rosemary, thyme, basil and mint, but you can mix and match however you like. We are sure mom will be very chuffed with her new windowsill embellishment.

Dads, you can help out with this one too, especially if you have very little kiddies. Mother's Day is your responsibility until they are old enough to use the stove!

Winter Scarf

Lockdown is the perfect excuse to get out your knitting needles and get busy crafting mom a lovely, soft winter scarf for Mother's Day. This is sure to be a gift that she'll treasure, as she thinks about you each time she wears it. If mom isn't a lover of scarves, you can create a warm blanket or a pair of gloves to keep her snug. Never knitted in your life before? Fear not! We have written a comprehensive beginner's guide to knitting to help you out.

Cupcake Bouquet 

Flower bouquets may be difficult to come by under lockdown. So instead, we'll be making our moms a sweet cupcake bouquet! This way she gets a beautiful bevy of flowers to brighten her day, as well as a tasty treat. You may need a few practice rounds to perfect the piping of these lovely edible flowers, but mom is sure to be impressed with your new skill. Follow this step-by-step guide by BBC Good Food to create a stunning Mother's Day showpiece.

Mother's Day

Does the idea of going the DIY route this Mother's Day scare you witless? Neflorist has a great range of flowers, sweets, trinkets and personalised gifts available for delivery on Mother's Day.

How will you be showing mom your love and appreciation this Mother's Day? Let us know about your plans in the comments below!  


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