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Fun DIY Beauty Projects To Do During Lockdown

Fun DIY Beauty Projects To Do During Lockdown

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So, we have two more weeks of the COVID-19 national lockdown. You've watched all your series, you've cleaned your home from top to bottom and have walked every inch of your property. What now? Well, why not get a little creative and have some fun crafting a few homemade beauty projects? Here are a few easy ones to try.  beauty diy projects

DIY Beauty Face Masks

You don't need to head to the salon to enjoy a soothing and oh-so relaxing beauty face mask and all its benefits. You can create your own masks right in the comfort of your home with a few ingredients that you can find either in the pantry or fridge! We found a few homemade face mask recipes online to remedy different skin concerns ranging from dry skin to enlarged pores. Click here to find out more about these masks and how to make them. This is DIY beauty made easy!

Homemade Bath Bombs

Feeling a little tense or stressed out about this outbreak? Looking for a way to relax and forget about this pandemic just for a little while? Why not draw yourself a lovely warm bath and throw in a homemade bath bomb? Believe it or not, but bath bombs are actually pretty easy to make, most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen (especially if you're an avid baker). Inspired By Charm has a simple bath bomb recipe here that you can use and customise as you please with your favourite colours and scents. And don't worry, if you don't have bath bomb molds, you can certainly find an alternative tool somewhere in the kitchen.

PS. Wondering how to draw the perfect bubble bath to help you relax? Here are a few tips!

white ans yellow bath bomb places on a purple towel with a lit candle next to the towel

DIY Lip Goodies

With winter arriving, so do chapped lips! So, why not take care of your lips with your own homemade lip balm? Making this from scratch is super easy, and best of all, you can find ALL the ingredients you need from Takealot - organic shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax, along with a heat-proof glass bowl, and you're ready to go. As for the recipe, visit Homemade for Elle and follow the instructions!

How about some lip gloss to top the balm? Homemade for Elle also has an easy recipe for that using similar ingredients as the balm. Don't know where to get jojoba oil? Head to Faithful To Nature! Essential oils are also available via Faithful To Nature.

For soft lips, why not make your own lip scrub to exfoliate? Homemade for Elle also has a few DIY recipes for that using staple ingredients you can find in your pantry. For a simple lip scrub, all you need is sugar, coconut oil and honey. Click here to see what other variations you can create!

lady holding a container of pink lip balm

Natural Hair Treatments

Hair taking a bit of a strain during the lockdown? Not to worry, you can create your own DIY natural hair treatments using a few ingredients from your kitchen.

Thinning hair? Try this "banana protein smoothie" mixture from Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, author of Hair Care Rehab: The Ultimate Hair Repair and Reconditioning Manual. All you need are two egg yolks, two ripe bananas, two to three tablespoons of honey, half a cup of conditioner and two tablespoons of olive oil. Just blitz it all together, slather it all over your hair and leave it in for 20 to 30 minutes. You'll see results instantly.

Dry hair? Two words - coconut oil! It's the ultimate moisturiser. Take a tablespoon or two of this miracle worker, warm it up in the microwave (not too hot!), rub it into damp hair then let it stay in your hair overnight. You might want to cover and protect your pillow with a towel or maybe wrap your hair in a head wrap towel or shower cap. Wash it out the next morning and you'll have healthier looking hair. You can also swap out the coconut oil with olive or avocado oil.

brown hair tied up into a messy bun

DIY Makeup Bags

Did you know you can make your own makeup bag without any sewing or hot glue (unless you really want to)? It is possible! All you'll need are a few items that you can find around your home. We found two tutorials on YouTube that'll take you step-by-step through making these bags from scratch. Here's one from DIY Crafts TV made out of a plastic gift bag and another duct-tape version by Susie. The only problem will be getting hold of zippers right now, but you can get those once the lockdown is over.

DIY beauty pair of black scissors on white and black paisley patterned material

Homemade Makeup Drawer Dividers

Are your drawers looking messy? Use old shoe boxes to make drawer dividers to keep all your makeup, bits and bobs organised. has step-by-step instructions to get you started. Other tools you'll need are scissors, a hot glue gun (double sided tape or a strong stapler will also work), craft knife (or box cutter), ruler and a pencil/pen. The best part is you can customise them to suit your needs.

DIY Beauty Makeup Drawer Dividers

Makeup Drawer Dividers DIY, image sourced from

Homemade Bath Salts

One more DIY beauty creation to try at home! Instead of bathbombs, why not go the easier route and make DIY bath salts? You can find an easy recipe for this on All the ingredients can be found from pharmacies like Clicks and Dis-Chem. You'll need epsom salts, sea salt, vegetable oil, essential oils, food colouring - if you wish to add colour to your bath salts - and a jar for storage.

bath salts in a wooden bowl

Have any other easy DIY beauty projects you'd like to share? Comment below and let us know!


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