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The Greatest Corner In Joburg

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The corner of Bolton and Jan Smuts in Rosebank is the place to be - here's why.

The Collection

The restaurant opens at 11, just in time for brunch - our favourite meal of the day. The Bolton Road Collection, as it's known, is a foodie's heaven. The word gourmet is used heavily at this establishment - from their Sunday roasts to First Thursday cocktail menu, the Bolton Road Collection knows how to put a decent dining experience together. From warm almond and raspberry tart, burnt honey ice-cream, pistachio crisp and rose macaron to cured salt beef, sauerkraut, fontina cheese, dill pickles, rocket, wholegrain mustard and veg crisps, you know you're in good hands.

Details: https://www.facebook.com/BRdCollection/

Saigon Suzy

She's lean, she's mean, and she's got all you need to have a good night out.  Saigon Suzy acts as your raunchy aunt from the South East Asia who's a master in the kitchen, wizz behind the bar, and one mean karaoke dream. Patrons can expect good bar food,  fancy cocktails and private karaoke pods upstairs. The vibe is hip and happening and perfect to snap the most stunning Instagram shots (don't forget to tag us!).  Do yourself a favour and find out for yourself why this place is called a rock 'n roll bar - just bring your own leather jacket and Guns 'n Roses T-shirt.  To boot, Saigon Suzy serves rocking bowls of ramen and prawn toast.

Details: https://www.facebook.com/SaigonSuzyJHB/

David Krut Project

If a gallery can conjur with names such as William Kentridge, Diane Victor, and Deborah Bell then you know it's a serious space. David Krut Projects is a tour de force when it comes to the local and international art scene, with galleries in New York City, Cape Town, and, of course, Rosebank. David Krut’s art activities started in London in the early 1980’s when he published an edition by British artist Joe Tilson. He has since curated exhibitions of contemporary works on paper in various international locations. In 1992 he became active in South Africa, publishing the editions of William Kentridge. Krut's space in Rosebank acts as a humble blank space for upcoming artists to showcase their work.

Details: http://davidkrutprojects.com/


Pssst! Come meet Joburg's original Napolitan pizza parlour. Coalition is the brain child of foodies turned restaurateurs - the way things should be done. Story behind Coalition is a sweet and simple one that can be told in three simple words: food and drink. Nothing more, nothing less. The pizza is good, the drinks are great, and the vibe is like hanging out at your friend's house except you have to pay the bill once you decided to leave... that's the hardest thing about visiting Coaltion - leaving.



Joburgers can't get enough coffee - that's why there's a cafe on almost every single corner in town. Priest is one of those - an espresso bar that's been fueling the Egoli crowd with the dark goodness... except, Priest is not your usual espresso bar. In fact, it's a post film production editing suite from Cape Town that set up shop and decided to half the office into a little coffee shop specialising in espresso. Other than coffee and editing block buster films (such as Inxeba, The Wound), Priest offers quick bites to eat, such as muffins and other pastries.

Details: http://www.priest.co.za

Sin Tax

Known as one of the best cocktail spots in Joburg, Sin Tax is a classy establishment for classy people just like you. The whole menu has been put together by some of the best mixologists in the country and each drink acts as work of art in their own right. Patrons can expect a chilled vibe, decent music, and the occasional international super star popping in for a cocktail or three (like David Beckham did during the first quarter of 2018).

Details: http://sintaxbar.com

Bar Ber Black Sheep

It's not enough to open up a bar, and it's not enough to open a barber shop. The bar (so to speak), has been raised when a couple of dudes decided to open up a bar and barber shop called Bar Ber Black Sheep in Rosebank...Yeah, we overdosed this blurb with the word bar but it's fine. Anyway, Bar Ber Black Sheep is a rock 'n roll joint that's good to get your hair and beard maintained, to have drinks with friends, and hang out with the coolest hipsters of Rosebank.

Details: https://www.facebook.com/barberblacksheepsa/

By Shawn Greyling

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