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Saigon Suzy Is On Her Way To Rosebank

Saigon Suzy Is On Her Way To Rosebank

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Rosebank is getting its very own Asian BBQ and Rock 'n Roll Bar. Here's what to expect from Saigon Suzy. saigon suzy

The Joburg foodie scene has not been this excited since, well, forever. Meet Saigon Suzy, your new favourite lady from the Orient. This Asian street food-inspired restaurant is the brainchild of Bruce Beattie (the guy behind the super-popular Social On Main in Bryanston). The idea was to create an authentic Asian BBQ and rock 'n roll bar that reflects both the beauty and coolness of variegated cooking and cultures.

Patrons can expect street food from China, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan. Menu items will include bao, dim sum, ramen and miso to name a few. On top of that, Saigon Suzy in Rosebank will also have karaoke pods that can be booked out for special occasions or fun-filled evenings.

The venue itself will be divided into three sections: The Market (main food hall and bar for the foodies), the Cherry Blossom Garden (for outdoor fun and cocktails in the sun), and the No Tell Motel (secret karaoke pods and dress-up boxes for the win).

In a nutshell, Saigon Suzy is going to be one of the most fun places in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Do yourself a favour and check out their Instagram page to get a sneak peek into the world of Suzy and her illustrious travels around Asia. From quick lunches to late afternoon cocktails and everything in between, this is going to be one rocker of a venue. Saigon Suzy will be nestled between the Collection and a naughty store in Rosebank, making it a prime spot for upmarket partying, dining and chilling. We've also been told that the music playlist has been curated by pros, so you can expect a bit of rock with that roll of yours.

What are your thoughts on Saigon Suzy in Rosebank? Are you as excited as we are? What do you think about Asian food and drink in general? Let us know! Also, make a journalist's day and share this on social media for us.

By Shawn Greyling


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