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Join Dlala Nje In #KeepingPonteLoveAlive During Lockdown

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Dlala Nje is an NGO working to change hearts and minds by spreading their love of the inner city to people of all backgrounds. Their walking tours are famed for opening people's eyes to be beauty of Hillbrow and its surrounds. These tours are imperative to revitalising the city through tourism and social initiatives. Help Dlala Nje stay alive during the lockdown period and beyond by joining the #KeepPonteLoveAlive campaign. 

Inner City Immersion

Hillbrow residents, Mike Luptak and Nickolaus Bauer, founded the Dlala Nje organisation in 2012, with the goal of changing perceptions about the Hillbrow (Ponte), Berea and Yeoville suburbs. These areas, notoriously avoided by tourists for fear of rampant crime and degradation, actually have a lot to offer. Luptak and Bauer set about to change hearts and minds by offering immersive, interactive tours right through the very heart of Hillbrow. These tours have become famous for opening the eyes of once scared Joburgers who have avoided the area for most of their lives. Once fear is forgotten, the rough beauty of the inner city can begin to shine through. As such, Dlala Nje have cemented themselves as one of the go-to inner city tours for both local and international adventurers.

Dlala Nje

A Sense Of Community 

Thanks to the success of their walking tours and various other events, Dlala Nje has been able to build a community centre at their venue which is situated at the bottom of Ponte tower. This centre functions as a safe haven for vulnerable youth and fosters a love of learning in the children and young people who visit it. Here, kids can just be kids, as the centre allows children to develop their potential in a safe learning environment. The centre is totally funded by the Dlala Nje Experiences Business which runs the walking tours, rooftop yoga, skyline sundowners and many other events.

Lockdown Challenges

Due to COVID-19 regulations and the national lockdown, all Dlala Nje tours and events have been put on hold. As this is their only source of income to maintain running costs of the community centre, the organisation has had to find other means of keeping their love for Hillbrow alive. Nevertheless, their future remains uncertain until the end of the lockdown and a return to normal life, which as we know may take months. So in the meantime, Dlala Nje is turning to you for help. While we are all stuck indoors, Dlala Nje encourages you to give back a little to help keep them afloat. Here's a few of the ways you can contribute to the #KeepPonteLoveAlive campaign:

Back A Buddy

Dlala Nje is registered on the Back a Buddy platform. Their current fundraising target is R300,000; of which they have raised R 73 744.47 to date. The organisation will need to raise approximately R75 000 a month to cover their fixed costs and to pay their 23 team members. While this may seem like a steep mountain to climb, Dlala Nje never back down from a challenge. No matter how small your contribution, it counts towards keeping the enterprise alive and thriving. This campaign is ultimately about providing a safe space for kids to grow, learn and play. Your donation will go a long way towards changing a young person's life, so please dig into your piggy banks if you can!

2 For 1 Experience Packages

We are sure that you cannot wait to get out and about to explore your city once lockdown is over. Dlala Nje is offering a special 2 for 1 experience package to help keep their heads above water. Purchase any Dlala Nje Experience now and get one free! Not only will you be giving back to this one-of-a-kind organisation, but you will have not one, but two experiences to look forward to. Click here to see their experience package offers.

Dlala Nje Face Masks

Government have advised all citizens to start wearing cloth face masks when outside of the house. If you have no idea how to make your own face mask, check out Dlala Nje's nifty Shwe-Shwe masks! Donate a tax deductible R350 to the Dlala Nje Foundation and you'll receive a Shwe-Shwe face mask delivered to your door for free. These masks can be washed and reused. Make your donation here.

For More Information 

Visit for more information. You can also follow Dlala Nje on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their #KeepPonteLoveAlive campaign.

Details: +27 (67) 082 8168 | [email protected] | Shop 1, Ponte City Apartments, 1 Lily Avenue, Berea, Johannesburg.


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