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Fun Obstacle Course Challenges You Need To Try This Year! - 2019

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You've been training for months and now it's time to take that powerful, mean and new improved body for a spin and we have just the thing - obstacle course races! These challenges will throw everything at you to test your strength. Think mud, ropes, inflatable obstacles, barbed wire, slides, running and a whole lot of fun!Here are a few obstacle course challenges coming this year.  Obstacles

Oneplan Muddy Puppy

Dates: Sunday, 10 February 2019 at The Big Red Barn and Sunday, 31 March 2019 at The Wedge

The Oneplan Muddy Puppy is a 2.4km fun obstacle course fun run or walk for you and four-legged companion. You can expect lots of fun and interesting obstacles that include crawling, climbing, jumping, slipping, sliding, wagging, barking and lots and lots of mud. It definitely sounds like an entertaining (and dirty) day out! And to make things even more exciting, they have decided to add in a beer mile for the humans as added extra festivities for the day. Keep in mind that all dogs must please be on leashes at all times. Once you and your fur-buddy have crossed the finish line, you’ll both be awarded a Muddy Puppy medal. A portion of the “Muddy Puppy” proceeds will be donated to an animal charity of their choice. They host a few of these throughout the year, just keep an eye out on the Facebook page for upcoming events.

Muddy Princess

Dates: 09 February 2019 at Legends MX, 17 February 2019 at Rietvlei Zoo Farm, 

Muddy Princess is a fun, exciting and women's only 5km mud fun run, filled with plenty of obstacles waiting to be conquered. No matter your fitness level – newbie or pro – you and your friends will have a blast crawling, walking, running, climbing, laughing, playing and getting absolutely filthy through this course. It's definitely a great idea if you’re looking for a ‘girls' dirty day out’. Muddy Princesses can enter as a team or run the course on their own, and cross the finish line at their own pace. Who says fitness and fun don’t mix? They also have amazing merchandise available at their online store!

The Toyota Warrior Race

Dates: 02 March: Bloemfontein, Free State | 23 March: Namibia | 06 April: Tierpoort Adventure Farm, Gauteng | 24 August: Mbombela Stadium, MP | 05 November: Riversands Farm Village, Midrand, GP | 02 November: Cape Town

Test your fitness, get that blood pumping and love the rush at the Toyota Warrior Race! This is South Africa’s largest obstacle course race series, complete with trail running and a number of physical challenges that’ll test your strength, speed and endurance. Participants can take their pick from one of three distances, depending on their level of fitness. This race series is all about promoting and leading an active and healthy lifestyle, with an emphasis on the importance of being bold and overcoming challenges that put your body, mind and spirit to the ultimate test. We best get training for the next one ASAP!

Gajiga Run

Dates: 10 February 2019 at Riversands Farm Village

The Gajiga Run is an exciting 5km fun run, complete with seven massive inflatable obstacles en route, offering plenty of thrills for everybody! Anybody can join in on the fun, from the young at heart to the social weekend runner. There’s no water, no mud, and no time restriction – just pure fun! And best of all, it's perfect for all ages and fitness levels - kids, families, the in-laws, the young at heart, the athletic professionals and social weekend runners. You'll definitely run, walk, laugh and bounce your way through this one. This will be their Final Bounce, so make sure you don't miss it.

IMPI Challenge

Dates: 26 October 2019 at Van Gaalens Kaasmakerij (North West Province)

Whether you're looking to push your limits or just want to have a little bit of fun, the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge is a muddy trail run is perfect for everyone. You can expect loads of exhilarating obstacles, mud, music and even an amazing festival area once you've crossed the finish line. It's the trifecta - social, fun and challenging. The adrenaline-charged experience is ideal for all capability and fitness levels. It’s an opportunity to play like a kid and challenge yourself while having fun. The entry categories cater for a variety of athletes, from elite sportspersons, competent and beginner runners to families looking for a fun experience.

The Beast Challenge

Dates: 10 March 2019 at Battle Rush, Bryanston, GP

The Beast OCR is a family-friendly event which gives everyone, both young and young at heart the chance to experience the thrill of obstacle course racing. It's everything you want in a race - fun, challenging and social. There are three different levels of entry to choose from, so anyone can compete. Lots of smiles and laughter are guaranteed along the course with a little mud and a proud sense of achievement at the end of the race. Get dirty, have fun and challenge yourself with some trail running and climbing, crawling and sliding across various obstacles designed by professional Obstacle Course Race athletes. Enter the race as a family, compete against your friends or work colleagues or a training opportunity.

Power Extreme OCR

Dates: Keep an eye out of Facebook for upcoming events. 

Are you ready? Whether you are or aren't, on your marks. Get set. GO! The Power Extreme OCR is just the obstacle race if you're looking to enjoy some outdoor racing. You can be a pro or just the average Joe next door, there's a distance just for you. You'll spend the day enjoying the vast terrains expertly set up by the adrenaline specialists. And as if that wasn't enough, there will also be plenty of entertainment throughout the event (for spectators or competitors once they have crossed the finish line), from massive beer gardens, food stalls and live entertainment to outdoor shopping. This is a fun day out for family and friend.

GI Joe Hardcore Obstacle Race

Dates: 30 March 2019 at Tikwe River Lodge in Virginia, Free State

Do you consider yourself hardcore? Do you think you can take on one of the toughest challenges possible? If you want to test your limits and push yourself, then why not try the GI Joe OCR. The GI JOE is a hardcore 6 and 12km obstacle course race complete with mud, ropes, tunnels, barbed wire, tunnels, monkey bars, electric shocks, fire and much more! Everything you need to test your endurance, stamina and strength! Here, you can confront and conquer your fears, stay fit and healthy and get your heart pumping while having a blast. Not only will it challenge you physically, but it will also challenge your mind. It takes a lot of guts to conquer a fear.


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