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Feel And Look Beautiful With The Woolworths Beauty Range

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We take a look at all Woolworths has to offer with their beauty range, WBeauty. This vegan and cruelty free range offers everything you may need to look and feel beautiful. 

Woolworths has been a favourite among shoppers for many years. This is because of their good quality and delicious food, fashionable clothing and simply gorgeous homeware and décor. But there is something else worth stopping at this prestigious retailer for, their beauty products and cosmetics. Along with selling other brands, Woolworths has their own beauty range, WBeauty. This brand offers high quality make-up, nail polish, fragrances, soap and lotion, among others.

WBeauty has long been on Beauty Without Cruelty's Humane Guide of cruelty free products, one of the many reasons we are so fond of this brand. They are listed as VEG and PB on the Humane Guide, meaning some of their products do contain ingredients derived from animals. But they have been hard at work to change that. All of their WBeauty range products are now 100% vegan! This means that they will no longer be using ingredients like beeswax, musk, ambergris, carmine, lanolin, collagen, keratin and royal jelly in their products.

This is great news for vegans who have struggled to find basic toiletries that are both vegan and cruelty free. It is also great news for animals and their advocates. But it's even better news for those who use these products everyday. This is because vegan beauty products are much better for skin health, especially for those suffering with sensitive skin or allergies.

woolworths beauty

Vegan beauty is a fantastic option if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Vegan makeup, skin and body care products are less likely to cause acne, rashes or inflammation. And of course, the major benefit is better-looking skin because the ingredients are either plant based or synthetic which hydrate the skin, help with uneven skin tones and encourage a more youthful appearance. The products are high-quality, last longer while being kinder to the environment." says Deshi Moodley, manager of Woolworths Beauty Quality, Innovation and Sourcing.

Products that will now be vegan include skincare, cosmetics, bath and body, fragrances, nail care, cosmetic bags and beauty accessories. Now, instead of going out of the way or shopping online (and probably getting the wrong shade), we can just pop into our local Woolies for all our make-up, perfume, face care and nail care needs. We especially love the WBeauty Nail Varnish Remover Wipes, as vegan and cruelty-free nail polish remover has been almost impossible to find (and the lemon juice and vinegar trick doesn't work). Other great finds include the highly affordable foundations, various perfumes and the men's range, which is also tricky to find elsewhere.

To find more vegan beauty products, read our Vegan Beauty Essentials or Vegan Beauty Luxuries guide. For more vegan products for men, read our Vegan Toiletries and Products for Men guide. To find more products that don't test on animals, check out Beauty Without Cruelty's Humane Guide.


For more information, contact Woolworths on 021 407 9111, email [email protected] or visit their website.

Alternatively, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Intagram, Pinterest or YouTube to stay up to date on the latest news and happenings.

*Images sourced from Woolworths

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