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Where to Get Vegan Toiletries And Products For Men

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We all love our men, with that sexy stubble that slightly chaffs your skin, the silky think hair that somehow curls just right, the long lashes that have us riddled with jealousy and the sensational smell of his hoodie on a cold morning. So we have compiled a list of products specially made just for him. And they're vegan too. 


Woolworths has wide range of cosmetics and personal hygiene products that are all vegan and vegetarian. Their house brand, WBeauty is 100% vegan and certified by Beauty Without Cruelty. As with most stores, they mostly cater to woman. However, they do have one of the widest vegan ranges for men. We love their cologne range, available in all types from musky to earthy.

The Good Stuff

While The Good Stuff seems to be aimed for women, they do have a few products that can be unisex. We love their Hello Hydration body wash which is flavoured with sea minerals and citrus burst. This wash smells like... a guy. The bamboo and white tea face care range is also a good choice for the boys who like to give their face a bit of extra love. You can also try the lime and coconut or the jojoba oil shampoos and conditioners for hair care that doesn't smell like a bakery or florist. You can find The Good Stuff at Dischem and Pick n Pay outlets.

Faithful to Nature

This is one of our favourite online stores. They sell a wide range of food, health, beauty and baby products. And everything on their website is labelled as vegan, vegetarian, eco-friendly, natural or organic. They even list whether or not the products contain palm oil! Their men's range has a wide variety of products with everything from charcoal soap to roll-on. But what we love the most is the Pure Beginnings toothpaste, which is BwC certified. You can also grab your bamboo toothbrush while you're here.



The Body Shop

The Body Shop has a huge selection of hygiene and care products that are especially made for men. They have deodorant, face cream, beard care products and even gift packs. Many of these are vegetarian but The Body Shop does have a range of vegan products, too. Our favourite has to be the Guarana and Coffee Energising Moisturiser. This product has The Body Shop's guarantee that it is tested on men and not on animals.

Bonafide Beards

We love beards. Whether it's the prickly stubble, the bushy lumberjack beard or the fully grown Santa beard. We are beard crazy, so beards are certainly worth a little extra love and attention. We're talking beard oil, beard butter, beard wash, beard balm, beard wax, beard cleansing bars - all things beard. All the beard TLC you could ever dream of is available at the Bonafide Beards online store or at their various stockists. They love beards just as much as we do.

Wellness Warehouse

We all love Wellness Warehouse. It's the one place we can get all those hard-to-find vegan and health food products. But they also have some amazing beauty products with a nice array of men's products. This is a good place to browse for all your grooming needs as they have everything from toothpaste to body wash.

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For more vegan and cruelty free products, check out the BWC Humane Guide.

*Remember to always check the labels of your products to verify that they are vegan.



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