Explore Linden

Linden is an artsy little suburb to the north of Johannesburg City.

Explore Linden

What To Eat

If there is one thing Linden is known for it’s the eateries that line 5th Avenue. Pizzarias, bakeries, coffee shops and Indian food – it’s as eclectic as the city itself. One of our favourite restaurants, Bikaner can be found in this neighbourhood. Other shops that stand out would be Picobela for pizza, The Whippet for coffee and The Argentinian Bakery for, well bakery stuff.

What To Do


Except for the Irish Club there’s not really a party scene going on. It’s mostly dinner dates and coffee meet-ups.


The reason why people flock to Linden is because of its culture. The residents include celebrities and TV producers, artists and musicians alike. There are an ample amount of galleries around as well, such as the NO END Contemporary Art Space.

Points Of Interest

There’s the Linden Library, The Linden Weekend Market at the high school and the Big Brother Africa house to name a few. The best way to experience Linden is to drive through on a Sunday and spend some time in the area – you will slowly but surely find yourself looking at real estate in no time.

By Shawn Greyling

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