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An Amazing & Authentic Safari Experience With Tented Adventures

An Amazing & Authentic Safari Experience With Tented Adventures

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We all deserve a quick getaway every now and then. If you're looking for an experience like no other, keep reading to find out about Tented Adventures spectacular offers. 

Escape To The Bush

Living in the city means we get carried away in the daily swirl of life all too easily. We long for an escape from our usual routine of traffic jams, ringing phones, tedious chores and absolute exhaustion. We crave the solitude, tranquillity and the raw beauty only the bush can offer. The sound of cicadas in the daily heat and bats at dusk. The wind gently brushing the leaves of wild thorn trees or wood crackling on an open campfire. Living in South Africa with many beautiful destinations, we look to bush and safari getaways that offer excitement, perspective and wildlife at its best.

Tented Adventures

The authentic bush experience (complete with accommodation, meals and game drives) makes Tented Adventures a unique offering. This is why more and more locals and tourists are falling in love with this getaway experience. Tented Adventures' Pilanesberg Safari Camp and Kruger Park Pretoriuskop Rest Camp boast beautiful scenery and are perfectly located. The Pilanesberg location is ideal for a quick bush getaway. It is only two hours away from Joburg, while Kruger is an easy five-hour drive.

Ever Been Glamping? 

The Glamping experience that Tented Adventures offers consists of snug accommodation in sturdy canvas-constructed tents. The best thing about this experience is that you don't need to sacrifice your comfy bed, fully equipped bathroom or electrical appliances.

In colder months, electric blankets allow for a homely winter experience. While in summer, fans, netted windows and doors in the tents allow lovely breezes to keep you cool. A little stoep outside the tent provides the perfect spot for relaxing with family and friends. Or, you can sip some early morning coffee or enjoy those late afternoon sundowners. Now, we bet you're wondering about showers and hot water at the turn of a tap? But, don't you worry – the bathrooms are close to the site and house all the necessities.

Each campsite only has around 10 tents, making it unique and allowing a comfortable, intimate and personalised experience. Guests will enjoy a campfire braai dinner, as well as a full breakfast the next morning. Both meals are prepared by the camp host, who's always on site with additional staff who see all visitors as part of the family. The communal lounge offers an easy area to relax. The kitchen also has fridges, a microwave and a kettle ready for use.

Tented Adventures

And There Are Loads Of Activities To Keep You Busy

Both Tented Adventures sites offer additional facilities: swimming pools, play areas and a restaurant and bar, which are far enough not to spoil the experience, but close enough for comfort and ease. Included in the stay are early morning and late afternoon open vehicle game drives with knowledgeable safari guides who are able to spot game and educate guests on the bush. In-between hours can be spent relaxing, sleeping, enjoying the surroundings and generally indulging in the bush senses.

Tented Adventures

For More Information

For more information about Tented Adventures, visit www.tentedadventures.comemail [email protected] or call 076 146 1468.

You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Tented Adventures

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  1. what a wicked and magical time it would be as we are nature, bird and hiking lovers. thanks Eddy and Gail

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