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Entertainment In Soweto

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Are you stopping by Soweto and looking for something exciting and unique to do? You've come to the right place! Here's what you can get up to in the suburb of Soweto.  Entertainment Places in Soweto

Soweto possesses a vibrant culture and history, a fact that becomes especially apparent when searching for something to do in the area. If you're looking for entertainment, Soweto has attractions as far as the eye can see – quite literally – when you take the spectacular Orlando Towers into consideration!

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Bars & Breweries
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Adventure Activities

Bungee Jumping

For the thrill of a lifetime, take to the skies (for a moment) and bungee jump off the top of the Orlando Cooling Towers. If that isn't challenging (or terrifying) enough for you, put on a custom-made straitjacket and bungee jump without the use of your arms!

Visit Soweto Towers.

Entertainment Places in Soweto

Image Source: Soweto Towers

SCAD Freefall

SCAD (Suspended Catch Air Device) freefalling - sound terrifying? If not, then read on! The world’s highest SCAD freefall takes place inside the Western Cooling Tower. If you are a serious adrenaline junkie in search of entertainment in Soweto, you'll find it at the Orlando Cooling Towers.

Visit Soweto Towers. 

Image Source: Soweto Towers

Base Jumping & Climbing

Interested in base jumping? Look no further! The Soweto Towers are base jump friendly, offering base jumping as an option for experienced jumpers. If you're a bit less adventurous, but still in search of a thrill, climbing the towers will offer oodles of entertainment and challenge experienced and beginner climbers alike. Try a 25m climbing wall and challenge your abilities!

Visit Soweto Towers.

Entertainment Places in Soweto

Image Source: Soweto Towers

Bars & Breweries

uBuntu Kraal Brewery

MadMead Brewery launched Soweto Gold lager and opened the uBuntu Kraal Brewery in Soweto to commemorate 20 years of freedom and democracy. Soweto Gold was named the top craft beer in South Africa, so the brewery is definitely worth visiting for a taste of this brew.

Also worth noting is the fact that the Ubuntu Kraal Brewery is situated in Orlando West, Soweto. This location is of particular historic significance, being home to sites such as:

  • the Mandela Family Museum;
  • Hector Petersen Memorial;
  • Bishop Tutu’s house;
  • Walter Sisulu Zeph Mothupeng;
  • and the Vilakazi Precinct.

The site of the brewery was previously a construction site in the late 1980s. Today this former ash dump has been transformed into conference facilities, a cultural village, brewery, entertainment area, bar and restaurants, and private overnight accommodation.

Visit uBuntu Kraal Brewery.

Image Source: Facebook

Family Activities

Walter Sisulu Square

Walter Sisulu Square is situated in the heart of Kliptown, Soweto. This township centre is unique, the first of its kind. Embracing both local and international trends, historical and modern, the Square epitomises the spirit of ekasi and Soweto. Ideal for family excursions, or for a shopping trip unlike any other, Walter Sisulu Square is a place unlike any other - and promises that is entertainment just as unique.

Points of interest at Walter Sisulu Square include: 

  • 10 pillars of the Freedom Charter;
  • 9 provincial crosses monument;
  • Tshisa nyama- braai area;
  • Kliptown Open Air Museum;
  • Kliptown Multi Purpose Hall;
  • Kliptown Flea Market;
  • Kliptown Eco Museum;
  • The Buskers.
Entertainment Places in Soweto

Image Source: Facebook

Parks & Gardens

Kremetart Park

Kremetart Park opened in Soweto in 2008, and has rapidly become a firm family favourite. The park is equipped with two miniature soccer fields constructed from sand as opposed to grass, in a bid to create an environmentally-friendly play area. The park also includes water features, benches, indigenous trees, and a large space to host events and fun fairs. Kremetart Park is also unique, in that it possesses a big-screen television where World Cup events were previously screened by Ekasi TV, and free broadcasts continue to be screened today.

Visit Kremetart Park. 

Image Source: Facebook

Mofolo Park

Mofolo Park is located in Mzilikazi Street in Soweto. It is a popular park amongst Sowetans, and is best known for the vibrant concerts regularly held on its grounds, as well as the celebrations and events which take place there. Mofolo has seen both local and international musicians grace its stage. Notable events have included the first Drum Beat Soweto music concert in 2011, as well as recent Youth Day celebrations. Mofolo was previously a dump site, which makes its conversion into a colourful, beautiful place of artistic expression even more meaningful.

Visit Mofolo Park.

Image Source: TEXARC

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