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From outdoor markets to sparkling nightclubs and relaxed pubs, there's some entertainment in Midrand for everyone! Have the kids tagging along? There's something for them, too! entertainment in Midrand

As a destination known for vibrant entertainment, nightlife and parties, Midrand is brimming with bars and night clubs. Need some more family-friendly entertainment? Midrand is well known for attractions like the famous race track at Kyalami, or the Waterfall Market. So, whether you're planning a fun night out, or a relaxed day out with family, you'll find plenty of fun activities in Midrand!

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Family-friendly fun

family-friendly entertainment in Midrand

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Family-Friendly Fun

South African Lipizzaners

The South African Lipizzaners are more than just a simple attraction or form of entertainment, this centre and their majestic horses are part of South Africa's cultural heritage and history. Located in Kyalami, Midrand, the South African Lipizzaners are equally loved by equine specialists, racing enthusiasts and by those who have yet to experience what these elegant animals can do. A trip to the Lipizzaner Centre can include lunging lessons for enthusiast who want to learn more about riding, and there is an hour-long performance every Sunday morning at 10h30, after which visitors may meet the riders. It's family entertainment at its best.

Visit the South African Lipizzaners.

Gecko Jewellers & Mapatiza Mine Tours

Gecko Jewellers is one of Africa's largest gemstone outlets, selling quality gemstones at wholesale prices. Their showroom is an experience all on its own, with gems on display as far as the eye can see. Gecko Jewellers is a wonderful destination for a family outing, as not only do they have a scratch patch, pedal cars and play areas for the little ones, they also have a fully-functional educational mine! The Mapatiza Mine Tour is a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience for the whole family.

Visit Gecko Jewellers & Mapatiza Mine Tours.

Nizamiye Mosque

Perfect for a day trip and tour, the Nizamiye is the biggest mosque complex in the southern hemisphere! Built by a Turkish philanthropist, Nizamiye Complex was completed in 2012 and is modelled on the 16th-century Ottoman Selimiye mosque complex in Edirne, Turkey. The complex contains more than just a mosque - within its walls, you will find a school, exhibition hall, cemetery, clinic and a bazaar! The bazaar is of particular interest for a day trip, as it contains a market, bakery, bookshop, carpet and ceramics store and a Turkish restaurant.

Visit Nizamiye Mosque.

Waterfall Market

The Waterfall Market is a perfect way to spend your Sunday with the family. The Waterfall Market is a uniquely designed, open-air neighbourhood market, perfect for a laid back Sunday with friends and family. The laid back atmosphere and exquisite fountain gardens make it the perfect way to relax, enjoy sampling delicious food and drink, and take in the beautifully-presented local arts and crafts. The Waterfall Market is also picnic-friendly, so bring a blanket and a basket and fill it to the brim for a picnic on the lawn!

Visit The Waterfall Market.

Nightlife entertainment in Midrand

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The Boulders Bar & Grill

The Boulders Bar & Grill is a great, cosy bar attached to the Boulders Lodge. The Boulders Bar & Grill serves delicious food and drinks at affordable prices, and provides a relaxed atmosphere, perfect to take friends for a fun and chilled evening out. If you're in search of a fun night out with friends, the Boulders Bar & Grill is precisely what you're looking for.

Visit The Boulders Bar & Grill.

Time Out Sports Bar

Time Out, as their name implies, is a sports bar. And what a sports bar! They have 20 pool tables, slot machines, big screens, a dance floor, and regularly host live entertainment. Their main aim is to show their patrons a great time, and that is exactly what they do!

Visit Time Out Sports Bar.

Valley Tavern

Valley Tavern is renowned for its mouthwatering chicken, relaxed vibe, yummy drinks and great service. In search of an entertaining but relaxing night out in Midrand? The Valley Tavern is perfect for the older crowd, so bring some buddies and enjoy the beer and hot wings!

Visit The Valley Tavern.

011 Dainfern By The Baron

011 Dainfern By The Baron is an upmarket gin bar in Midrand with a menu that caters to all tastes and palates. While The Baron is most definitely a restaurant, at 011 Dainfern, the focus is all on the bar. Over and above the delicious artisanal gins on the menu, the wine and beer menus are extensive! If you're on the hunt for a sophisticated evening out, 011 Dainfern is the place to be.

Visit 011 Dainfern By The Baron.

outdoor entertainment in Midrand

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Kyalami Country Club

The Kyalami Country Club, located in Kyalami Midrand is a golfer's dream, and has been in operation since 1954. The Country Club has stood the test of time both as a Country Club and as a golf course, and is ranked number 27 in the country overall. The Club is also available for weddings and events, as well as for golf days and other entertainment.

Visit Kyalami Country Club.

Lory Park 

Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary is essentially a boutique zoo, a small animal sanctuary situated in Midrand. Lory Park welcomes peaceful interaction between humans and animals in a tranquil outdoor setting. Lory Park has been in operation since 2000, and welcomes visitors and volunteers alike. You can host events and parties at Lory Park, making use of their extensive outdoor play and braai facilities.

Visit Lory Park.

Momentum World of Golf

Momentum World of Golf says it all in the name! If you're a golf lover at any level of skill, the World of Golf is the place to go to hone your talents. Momentum World of Golf is South Africa’s leading golf and family leisure park, and is perfect for a whole day out of fun with friends and family. In need of a venue for a corporate function, team building, or even a themed birthday party? Momentum World of Golf has you covered.

Visit Momentum World of Golf.

The Herb Farm

Described by many as a true botanical gem in the heart of Midrand, the Herb Farm is a venue unlike any other. Boasting over 400 herbal plants in a beautiful garden setting, The Herb Farm is all about getting visitors enthused about healthy living! A perfect spot to visit for a tour, garden shows, garden talks or training course, The Herb Farm also features a lovely bistro restaurant.

Visit The Herb Farm.

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