Dinner For Two At Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian is an Italian restaurant opened by none other than Jamie Oliver. Yes, I mean the naked chef himself (I’m hoping everyone was fully clothed while my meal was being prepped). While this spot has been around since 2016, it still remains a little unexplored, even to the populace of the prestigious Melrose Arch in which it is hidden. We headed there to blow the cap off the secrets hiding here.

To start off, I should mention that I was at Jamie’s Italian because I managed to score some vouchers after having won a competition. I was advised by my fellow colleagues to keep the voucher for myself but elected to take my partner along instead. And, being the commoners we are, we completely forgot that a stylish place like Jamie’s probably requires a reservation. We managed to get a last minute booking and two hours later, we were exploring the British Italian flare.

Date Night


Jamie’s is hidden down a cobble-bricked street in Melrose Boulevard, it can be easy to miss with nothing but the glass paneled doors, wooden nuances and a simplistic blue sign to indicate it is even there. This is a good indication of their food and service. Simplistic – but done well. At the time, the Melrose Arch Christmas lights were shining in all their glory, setting the scene of glamour and enchantment. Almost as soon as we stepped over the threshold of the restaurant, we were ushered upstairs and given a comfortable booth to be our spot for the evening. Our seating were in the corner or the room that had a substantial window, giving us a great view of the twinkling lights.

light Display


We ordered uncomplicated Americanos for drinks. As is, our coffees were excellent, a perfectly dark cup of liquid magic. We decided that we were going to splurge, as much as our stomach would allow, and went for starters, mains and dessert. We ordered our starters and while we waited, we poked fun at the descriptions of wine on the menu that can only be described as odd.



For starters we had the Italian Nachos. No, this is not Mexican food served at an Italian restaurant started by a British guy (that’s a mouthful!). This was delightfully crispy triple cheese stuffed ravioli, deep-fried and served with a side of spicy tomato sauce.



For mains, we tried the creamy Carbonara with salty bacon bits. We also tried the Ravioli Mezzaluna, which is a fancy way of saying spinach and ricotta packed into crescent shaped pasta. These were served in a tomato sauce with blobs of mozzarella and basil, drizzled with olive oil. I have never had cooking, especially not tomatoes, that has been salted enough, except perhaps my own. This was the first time that I did not have to reach for those salt crystals. Now, hearing that food is perfectly salty from someone who would salt a marmite sandwich doesn’t sound that great. But keep in mind that my partner in crime, who doesn’t like salt at all, also loved it.



We were too full to order separate desserts and opted for the Molten Praline Pudding. A dark and luscious chocolate cake with a runny centre, served with caramel ice cream and praline. It was a good thing we decided to share as this was so rich. The ice cream was just sweet enough to cut that bitter dark chocolate and the praline added some crunchiness to all the smooth textures.

Molten Chocolate cake


This lovely dinner for two was finished off with a leisurely stroll through the light display.

Find more information about Jamie’s Italian here.

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