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Cleaning During Lockdown: Did You Remember To Clean These Forgotten Spots?

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You just cleaned your home from top to bottom, but did you remember to wipe down these usually forgotten spots? Get rid of the germs! #LeaveNoSurfaceUncleaned women clean kitchen floor with mop lockdown

#1 Clean Your Phone

The one item that is attached to your hand the most probably collects and carries the most germs and contaminates out of everything else we have mentioned on this list. Your phone is used everywhere you go. Placed on many different counters (probably dirty) and also handled by family and friends when you have a hilarious meme you need to share. Disinfect it daily!

clean phone with youtube app open on the screen

#2 Your Taps

In all your bathrooms and in your kitchen, be sure to clean and disinfect your taps. This is a plumbing piece that everyone touches, be it guests of household members. Think of how many times the taps are touched to wash hands, get some water or clean fresh produce. Clean these handles daily to avoid spreading any germs.

#3 Clean Light Switches

Another frequently touched part of your home are light switches. This feature is usually forgotten when you're on a cleaning spree and is unfortunately one of the culprits when it comes to spreading infectious illnesses. When cleaning your home, always make sure you wipe down the light switches, too.

clean light switch hand turning off light switch on a white wall

#4 Microwave Keypad

During the lockdown, we'll be doing a lot of snacking and eating. Sadly, this is what boredom does! But, what you don't realise is how many times that microwave keypad it touched with dirty or germ-covered fingers. Don't forget to clean this part of the kitchen appliance when you're giving it a scrub.

#5 Fridge Door

Another well-touched spot that slips our mind during disinfecting and cleaning is the fridge. Every time someone grabs a bite to eat, needs a drink or mindlessly raids the fridge for something to snack on, the fridge handle or door is touched. Ensure you clean the handle and the entire surface of the fridge door/s.

clean fridge door open with food inside

#6 Your Car's Interior

We may not be driving anywhere anytime soon, but since you touched the steering wheel after your lockdown prep grocery run, it needs to be wiped down, stat! Same with your gear lever, handbrake, door handles, boot handle, dashboard, radio buttons and indicator stick. Basically, just give your car a complete clean.

#7 Clean Remotes

We will be doing a lot of series binge watching during the lockdown (here's a few throwback series to watch), so those remotes need to be wiped down with sanitising cleaning agents regularly. This also includes your car and garage remotes.

remote on wooden table in front of tv

#8 All Of Your Keys

We all handle keys on a daily basis to get in and out of the house, lock our cars and open locked cabinets and storage units. Clean and disinfect your keys often, too. Just to be safe!

#9 Drawer & Door Handles

Drawer and door handles need to be cleaned and wiped down daily as they're used just as often as our phones. We're all at home walking from room to room, opening one door after the other. And we're constantly touching door and drawer handles along the way.

door handle steel on a wooden door

#10 Rub Down Your Couches

We cough and sneeze into our hands and/or flexed shoulders, then proceed to place these appendages on the arms of couches while watching our favourite movies and shows without taking a second thought of what we're doing. Just spray some disinfectant on a cloth and wipe down the couch to kill off any germs.

For more information, at-home entertainment and health tips during the COVID-19 outbreak and 21-day national lockdown, click here.

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