Best Vegan Food Stores In Johannesburg

Vegan restaurants are one thing, but vegan food stores are a different ball game altogether. Here are our favourite shops to get our pantries stacked. shutterstock_92894506

Pink Piggy

Pink Piggy is an online vegan store that delivers around Joburg and offers self-collection in Germiston. They have everything vegans may need from baking supplies to pre-cooked meals. What makes this store special, is that they offer a range of vegan sweets like marshmallows and fudge. There's also some hard-to-find items like agar agar, black salt, egg replacer, wheat gluten (so you can make your own seitan), smoked tofu, liquid smoke and jackfruit.

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Jackson's Real Food Market

Jackson's Real Food Market is not completely vegan, but they have something for everyone, every palate and every lifestyle. Their vegan products include mayonnaise, yogurt, spreads, seitan faux meat, cheese and butter. Their eatery also serves many vegan options. They have partnered up with the ever popular food stand, Vegeata. Everyday at Jackson's, Vegeata offers freshly made vegan sandwiches and baked delights, including the much sought after gourmet doughnuts.

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Wellness Warehouse

This shop has several locations throughout Joburg and also offer online shopping. They specialise in health products such as health food, beauty and homeware. While not completely vegan, they offer many vegan items from dairy-free milk powder to vegan droëwors. They also offer vegan homecare, pet care and beauty items, as well as pre-made meals. If that wasn't enough, zero wasters will be delighted by their range of biodegradable packaging, dustbin bags and bakeware.

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Faithful To Nature

Faithful To Nature is an online retailer, offering a range of products aimed at sustainable living. While not all products are vegan, most are organic and natural. Here, you can shop in peace knowing that each product has been checked. Their nifty website has all products labelled according to whether they're vegan, organic status, certification, palm oil, locally made and licencing status. They also provide ethical shopping with products that are 100% plastic-free, cruelty-free, GMO-free and fair trade.

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Carreira Centre

This shopping centre has been a hidden gem among Randburg residents and vegans since it opened. Featuring a plethora of stores for every need, this should be on everyone's list of places to visit. Vegans will be delighted with the finds at this centre. The Spice Co. offers a range of vegan meat alternatives, dried legumes, Vegeata products and Herbi Vohr products. You can also find fresh tofu, smoked tofu, banana blossoms and canned jackfruit at the nearby Asian store. End your shopping spree with a selection of fresh produce from the centre's green grocer.

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Food Lover's Market

Food Lover's Market has become the go-to for fresh fruit and vegetables, top quality grocery staples and delicious baked goods. But it is also a great place to find all your vegan essentials. Items on offer include soya mince, vegan mayonnaise, vegan milk alternatives, vegan cheese and, sometimes, even fresh jackfruit. Food Lover's Market is also a great place to stock up on pantry staples like chickpeas, beans, nuts and seeds.

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The Fussy Vegan

Diners of The Fussy Vegan cannot stop raving about the mouthwatering burgers, bowls and burritos on offer at this eatery. But did you know that they also sell an array of vegan products? Pop by the store, tucked away next to a garage in Blairgowrie, for your pick of vegan dairy alternatives, faux meat and biltong, drinks, snacks, sweet treats and even a few vegan toiletry items. Where else can you shop for your monthly groceries while enjoying a delicious feast?

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Asher's Farm Sanctuary

Asher's Farm Sanctuary is a charity organisation offering sanctuary to previously abused farm animals. Apart from touring their farm and meeting the adorable rescues, this spot also offers an onsite eatery and store. At the store, you can find a wide range of vegan items for sale. These items include ice cream, meat alternatives, hot chocolate, caramel sauce, sweets and chocolates and kala namak, just to name a few. Pro tip: Don't leave this sanctuary without having one of their delightful vegan milkshakes.

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Fresh Earth Food Store

Located in Emmarentia, Fresh Earth Food Store has everything you need to stock up your pantry for the month, from coconut oil and almond flour to chocolate and pasta. They also have a decent range of Banting, gluten free and natural products. If you're looking for a health boost, check out their antioxidants and detox section. Not sure what to do with all your vegan produce? Then check out their online recipes or join them for an educational cooking class.

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Fruits & Roots

Fruits & Roots is about as natural as they come. This health food shop is the perfect spot to pick up all you need, from homeopathy to fresh veggies. They also have an onsite restaurant, serving up delicious and healthy vegan and vegetarian picks. If that isn't enough, they are also supporters of Animal Defenders International and Wildlife Works. So while you shop for all your vegan groceries or enjoy meat-free fine dining, you'll also be supporting two worthy causes.

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  1. An additional store called "Geets Veg" is also a great option for vegans/vegetarians. They offer a wide range of eatables as well as health products. Please add it to this list as many people would benefit from such a convenient and homely store.

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