Best Vegan Food Stores in Johannesburg

Vegan restaurants are one thing, but vegan food stores is a different ball game altogether. Here are our favourite shops to get our pantries stacked.


Fresh Earth Food Store

The best vegan-friendly spot to get your smoothy on, do your pantry shopping and mingle with like-minded folks would be Fresh Earth Food Store in Emmarentia. From coconut oil to almond flour and everything in between, it’s at this pretty little shop. Fresh Earth also stocks banting friendly products as well as antioxidants, detox items and general foodstuffs such as vegan cheese and tofu.

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Connected to the Leafy Greens Cafe in Muldersdrift, Antonia’s is jam-packed with everything fresh and wonderful. Pickled jalapeños, sunflower seeds and everything in between can be found at Antonia’s. The shops are all about raw vegan products. It must be noted that the shop is not strictly vegan as it sells honey farmed at Leafy Greens.

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Fruits & Roots

As natural and organic as they come, Fruits & Roots is your one-stop health shop run and owned by vegans. The shop is firm supporters of Animal Defenders International as well as Wildlife Works. It’s good to know that there’s a place out there that uses some of its profits to make positive change. Fruits & Roots also runs a homeopathy section for those looking for alternative ways and means to treat certain ailments. Other than that, they serve exactly what their name states: fruits and roots… and veggies… and everything else one would expect from a vegan food shop.

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Wellness Warehouse

This shop has several locations throughout Joburg and also offer online shopping. They specialise in health products such as health food, beauty and home ware. While not completely vegan, they  offer many vegan items from dairy free milk powder to vegan droëwors. They also offer vegan home care, pet care and beauty items.

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Jackson’s Real Food Market

This is another store that is not completely vegan. However, Jackson’s offer something for everyone, every palate and every lifestyle. This includes a vegan lifestyle. Their vegan products include mayonnaise, yoghurt, spreads, seitan faux meat, cheese and butter. Their eatery also serves many vegan options including the much sort-after Beyond Meat Burger. Recently, they partnered up with the ever popular food stand, Vegeata. Everyday at Jackson’s, Vegeata offers freshly made vegan sandwiches and baked delights.

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Pink Piggy

Pink Piggy is an online vegan store that delivers around Joburg and offers self-collection in Germiston. They offer everything vegans may need from baking supplies to pre-cooked meals. What makes this store special, is that they offer a range of vegan sweets like marshmallows and fudge. They also offer some of the harder-to-find items like agar agar, black salt, egg replacer, wheat gluten (so you can make your own seitan), smoked tofu, liquid smoke and jackfruit.

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One thought on “Best Vegan Food Stores in Johannesburg

  1. An additional store called “Geets Veg” is also a great option for vegans/vegetarians. They offer a wide range of eatables as well as health products. Please add it to this list as many people would benefit from such a convenient and homely store.

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