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Best Pancakes In Joburg

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No matter what the weather's up to, it's always pancake time. Here's where to get your thin layers of fluffy dough and exciting fillings in Joburg.

When the craving hits, the craving hits! And because of that we took up the challenge to knock out a list of the best pancakes in Joburg. Yup, we ate it all so that you will know where to park your car the next time the craving klaps.

Salvation Cafe

For quite some time Salvation Cafe has been the go-to brunch spot for locals in and around Milpark. As one of 44 Stanley's most popular tenants, Salvation Cafe offers an authentic cafe experience one would find along the French Riviera during springtime. And what better way to soak up the sun at the edge of Africa than with a hearty dose of pancakes? Choose between classic pancakes glittered with cinnamon sugar, fresh lemon juice and syrup, or island it up with a Caribbean-inspired flatty topped with fresh fruit, a berry coulis, syrup and yogurt.

Details: https://www.salvationcafe.co.za/

Pancakes In Joburg

Arbour Cafe

A pancake by any other name is still a pancake... but if you want to be linguistically correct without stepping on any French toes, head to Arbour Cafe in Birdhaven to get your crepe on. Options range from the simple sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice and syrup entry to the more complex brandy flambéed orange butter sauce crepe. Our favourite would be the Nutella and banana rendition for sure. Wash this down with one of the many teas Arbour Cafe has on offer.

Details: https://arbourcafe.co.za/

Pancakes In Joburg

The Perfect Cup

You know you're in for a treat when you sit down in a coffee shop that reminds you of your cultured aunt's kitchen. The perfect Cup in Parkview has become a home away from home for many Joburg residents... and with the homeliness comes pancakes, of course. With four sweet and three savoury options to choose from, there's something for every mood imaginable (as if we need an excuse to stuff our faces with the fluffiest and most delicate pancakes in Joburg). The menu sings songs of apples and cream, peppermint chocolate and ice cream, and mince, chicken and tuna fillings.

Details: http://www.perfectcup.co.za/

Pancakes In Joburg

De Molen

With by far the biggest variety of pancakes on this list of top pancakes in Joburg, De Molen is a Dutch bakery and restaurant hidden inside a windmill in Edenvale. Far from the beautiful and heritage-rich streets of Holland, De Molen offers items such as savoury bacon and cheese, chicken mayo stuffed pancakes or cherries and cream, and Dutch apple and cinnamon pancakes, to name a few. The coffee is also good, the vibe great, and the rest of the menu just as delicious. De Molen truly serves the best pancakes in Joburg even though these are a tad thicker than we're used to.

Details: https://www.debackery.co.za/


Pick-a-Pancake is a family restaurant with an endearing cow theme, and they specialises in meal-size pancakes with savoury or sweet fillings. The menu is not limited to pancakes, however, as they also serve a variety of meals such as breakfasts, tramezzini, salads, chips, etc... but we're here to talk about pancakes! Patrons can expect an interesting combination of diner-style fillings such as an English breakfast pancake complete with egg, roasted tomato, caramelised onion and bacon.

Details: 076 153 0617, Old Rustenburg Road, Hartbeespoort, Brits, 0216

Honorable Mention: Checkers

For years - if not decades - we've been nibbling our way through Saturday morning grocery shopping on the most amazing, plain Jane pancakes under the African sun. On most days, especially over weekends, Checkers stores across Gauteng roll out the old gas stove and a big jar of pancake batter and get cracking. The price per pancake is quite low and toppings are strictly limited to the old-school cinnamon sugar and lemon juice – which is sometimes exactly what you're craving.

By Shawn Greyling

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