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In January 2022, Holly Gruver launched WGRUV Dance International, South Africa’s newest contemporary ballet company. With Lex Gruver as Assistant Director and teacher, and ballet master, Ken Yeatman overseeing ballet training, WGRUV maintains a strong and steady foundation in classical training.

Positive Energy & Artistic Expression

The company quickly adopted a philosophy focused on integrity, positive energy, rigorous training, and a strong work ethic, creating an uplifting and progressive environment. Holly and her team are committed to preserving the classical art form of dance, blending it seamlessly with modern narratives through unique storytelling.

Supported by a diverse advisory board, access to international choreographers, and the generous backing of private sponsors, Holly has collaborated with local South Africans to forge a world-class dance company poised to reshape the dance landscape in South Africa with a vibrant mix of styles.

Performances That Inspire

WGRUV Dance International is set to captivate audiences with performances of classical and neoclassical ballet, various contemporary styles, and Spanish dance.

Be sure to catch their upcoming performances, including Pressure Points, “Lina” premiering in July, and “Trilogy of Notes” in October, both taking place in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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Pressure Points

Date: 24 and 24 May 2024

Immerse yourself in the boundless expanse of Pressure Points. This production unleashes a dynamic fusion of dance genres that captivate the senses.

Within this immersive tapestry of movement and emotion, boundaries blur and realities shift. Audiences are invited to explore the interplay of forces within the human experience. Through a mesmerizing blend of ballet and contemporary dance, dancers embody the essence of existence. Navigating unseen currents that shape our perceptions and interactions.

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You can also contact them by calling 078 798 5133 or emailing

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Address: 27 Homestead Avenue, Bryanston, Sandton, Johannesburg.

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