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Basketball Clubs In The City

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Are you a basketball player who is looking to get involved in basketball? Would you like more motivation to join and take your athletic skills to the next level? Then join one of these basketball clubs in the city.  Basketball

The Wanderers Basketball Club 

South African basketball is growing in popularity. As a basketball player, you need a club that will push you to greater heights, and this club is that club. The Wanderers Basketball section was founded with the goal to promote the sport of basketball outside of the university and school structure. If you join in on this club, your skills will be polished to perfection. Their aim and mission is to allow athletes to play basketball at a competitive level as well as promote basketball as a recreational activity. They encourage participation by all ages, races and sexes and provide the necessary facilities, programs, training and services.

Greek Sporting Club

The Greek Sporting Club is a sporting club that houses a lot of passionate and ambitious athletes who are looking for transformation. They have a basketball court that is currently being used by the social teams in the area. So, get your membership now and start your basketball dreams!


Jozi Jets Basketball Club

A proudly Jozi team, this club will help you better yourself and teach you a thing or two about the game. The Jozi Jets are a great team to be part of. This is your opportunity to enter the court with a team that has your back, not only during the game, but after hours too.

Tshwane Suns Basketball Club

All a player needs are good coaches, teammates and motivation to keep them going. The Tshwane Suns Basketball Club are a professional basketball team based in the city of Tshwane. Whether you are in Pretoria or Joburg, you'll be glad we plugged you in on this one.


Egoli Magic Basketball

If you want to take on basketball person-to-person, this is just the platform to do so. Join the Egoli Magic Basketball family and you will be playing with the big guns in no time. They are a Johannesburg based basketball club, and the oldest basketball club in South Africa. Their central vision is to encourage and develop the youth of South Africa, through the following:

  • Health and education programmes for children, aimed to keep them in school and healthy, via the establishment of the Basketball Academy.
  • The establishment of healthy, inspirational and viable employment opportunities.

Soweto Panthers Basketball

And last on our list, is the Soweto Panthers Basketball Club. They are a highly competitive basketball team from Soweto, and are currently competing in the Basketball National League. If you are eager to learn, be motivated and be pushed to become a better version of yourself, Panthers is your go-to team! This club allows you to challenge yourself and will train you to be the best player you can be.


Do you know of any other basketball clubs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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