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Americans' Most Asked Questions About Johannesburg

Americans' Most Asked Questions About Johannesburg

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What do Americans want to know most about Johannesburg? We used Answer The Public to find out.

Ever used Answer The Public? It's a website that lets you type in a key phrase and see, per country, what people have asked the most about it on the internet. It combines the suggested searches from Bing and Google and visualises them in what could be called a search cloud.

Being the curious lot that we are, we decided to see what different countries ask out us. This time, we checked out what our US brethren wonder about Johannesburg. Here are the results. Where possible, we've also tried to provide the answers to those questions!

Americans' most asked questions about Johannesburg

What's Johannesburg like?

That's a big question and dependent on so many things - including where you live, what you're here to do and how wealthy you are.

Painting a picture of Johannesburg in broad strokes - we're an incredibly diverse city with very friendly people, a lot to do, and an amazing climate (possibly one of the best in the world). Johannesburg is known as one of the friendliest cities in the world. People here will likely greet you with a smile and chat to you if the opportunity arises.

On the negative side, Johannesburg does have a high crime rate. Our suburbs are known for having high walls, electric fences and burglar alarms. Living here can be scary - and you will be wise to always be alert when you're driving or out in public. Some places are safer than others, but you should never walk alone in Joburg at night - especially if you're a woman.

Quora has some great answers to this question to find out more.

When Johannesburg was built

Joburg was officially founded in 1886 and is one of the world's youngest cities.

Are flights to Johannesburg open?

At the time of writing this (6 December 2021) flight to and from Johannesburg and South Africa are open, subject to certain conditions. Please read the South African Government website's page on Travel for more details.

Who is Johannesburg named after?

It was named after two officials of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, Christiaan Johannes Joubert and Johannes Rissik, who both worked in land surveying and mapping. According to, there is actually some controversy around the origin of the name Johannesburg, as several men bearing the name Johann(es) occupied positions of authority in the ZAR or were involved in events leading to the founding of the town.

Will Johannesburg move to level 3?

At the time of writing (6 December 2021) Johannesburg is currently in level 1 in terms of our Covid-19 restrictions.

Can Johannesburg be referred to as a rural settlement?

Government defines settlement types in South Africa by size, location, function and tenure type ranging from urban to rural settlements. Johannesburg is currently defined as an urban settlement.

How many Johannesburgs are there in the world?

There are five places in the world called Johannesburg - three in America, one in Suriname, and one in South Africa. If you are referring to the city in Africa, Johannesburg is located in South Africa.

Johannesburg which country?

If you are referring to the city in Africa, Johannesburg is located in South Africa.

How Johannesburg was created

According to

"The area that is now called Johannesburg has been populated by Stone Age ancestors dating back 500 000 years; Bushmen from 1 000 years ago; 500-year-old Iron Age furnaces belonging to Tswana people, and Boer farmhouses dating from the 1860s. But the city really started in 1886 when gold was discovered by Australian gold prospector George Harrison.

Soon tents and wagons appeared, to be replaced by wood and iron structures, and again replaced by brick buildings. A town was demarcated, and a large, bustling market square. Buildings got taller and taller, and today the city boasts one of the tallest buildings in Africa - the 50-storey Carlton Centre, built in 1973."

Why Johannesburg was established

The short answer - gold!

Where Johannesburg is located

Johannesburg is located in the province of Gauteng, in the country of South Africa. We are in the eastern plateau area of South Africa known as the Highveld.

Are Johannesburg libraries open?

At the time of writing (6 December 2021) Johannesburg is currently in level 1 in terms of our Covid-19 restrictions and our public libraries are open. Please check the Joburg Libraries Facebook Page for regular updates.

Why is Johannesburg so dangerous?

This is a complex question that doesn't have a simple answer. South Africa, in general, has a high crime rate that has been linked to our apartheid past and the massive poverty and inequality that sprang from that. A lack of policing, broken and corrupt criminal justice system, broken family and parenting structures and many other factors play a part.


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