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Winter Warmers To Enjoy

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Comfort food reminding us of home and granny's kitchen is what we all crave when we are ill. Autumn is well underway and with colds and flu lurking around, soups and stews to warm our bellies are just what we need. View our list of belly-warming recipes to enjoy and keep the flu away.


Roasted Butternut Squash, Garlic And Apple Soup

Roasted butternut soup is a creamy, dense and comforting soup that is filled with various veggies to nourish your body. The apple cider in this soup helps to alkaline the body, which assists in killing unwanted bacteria. And adding cayenne pepper to this rich soup helps clear out nasal passages.

Find the recipe for this delicious soup here.

Healing Green Tea And Chickpea Soup

Ah, the miraculous wonders of green tea. That's not the only powerful ingredient in this soup, as chickpeas give your body the fuel it needs to carry you through the flu. With hearty veggies and a beautiful broth, this soup on its own is good the way it is, but you can add some tofu or chicken for some added comfort.

Try this soup with the recipe here.

Cream Of Mushroom Soup With Garlic Herb Breadcrumbs

Cream of mushroom soup is another favourite among people during winter and with good reason. Mushrooms are a natural way to up your immune system, helping you fight off infections. Spice up this classic by adding delicious garlic and herb breadcrumbs. Curl up with a bowl of this to soothe your comfort food craving.

Make some mushroom soup with this recipe.

Cold-Busting Ginger Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken-noodle soup is a favourite not only during winter, but also when you've fallen ill. Packed with the goodness of various veggies, this soup is sure to give you a boost. The added ginger works as an anti-inflammatory, and the garlic has antiviral properties, soothing you and aiding your recovery.

View the recipe here.


Lentil Stew With Butternut Squash

Lentils are known for being high in both vitamin A and C, which is exactly what you need to get healthy and stay healthy. This slow cooked, hearty stew is enriched with butternut squash - giving it a subtle sweetness. This stew is packed with veggies and lentils to give you a warm and comforting bowl of food. As with the green tea and chickpea soup, this allows for extra protein if you wish.

Try the recipe for this stew here.

Easy Beef Stew

This is the basic stew we all know and love - chunky pieces of beef cooked with potatoes and other veggies, with a gravy-like sauce. Just thinking about it makes us hungry. With this recipe, it's easy for you to whip up some beef stew for your family in a jiffy.

Find the recipe here.

Waterblommetjie Bredie

An all-time South African delicacy, this stew is created with aromatic spices and lamb. Stewing these together creates a flavourful stew with a unique taste. Waterblommetjies themselves have leaves, similar to artichokes, with a subtle flavour, similar to green beans with citrus notes.

To create this delicacy, use this recipe.


This is a true South African stew. Made using a three-legged cast iron pot, this stew cooks for hours before it's ready, but it's worth the wait. Potjiekos does not always have a set recipe, as each family makes it their way. Some of the favourite proteins to use include oxtail, biltong, mutton and chicken.

For an oxtail potjie recipe, click here.


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