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Winter Skincare Must-Haves & Where To Buy Them

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We all know that our skin needs extra love and care during the harsh winter months. If you've been neglecting your winter skincare routine, check out these must-have products and where to find them. Your skin will be back to its radiant self in no time!  winter skincare

No matter your skin type, there is one golden rule to live by - moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! This is especially true during the chilly season when humidity is low and air pollution is at its highest. If your skin has been looking or feeling flaky, cracked or tight recently, it might be time to revisit your skincare routine. Adding extra moisture by using a serum or tissue oils could completely change the appearance of your skin. It is also essential to frequently exfoliate dead skin cells during the winter months. Rather than overspend on individual products, take a look at these nifty skincare kits from some of the top brands in the country. They've got all you need to totally transform your skin this winter.

Clarins Hydra Essential Collection 

The Clarins three-step Hydra Essential Collection is the perfect solution to dry, sensitive skin. The kit includes a refreshing scrub, hydration mask and moisturiser to treat flaky or cracked skin. You can use the hydration mask up to two times a week to ensure that your skin is soaking in as much moisture as possible. The everyday scrub gently exfoliates the skin to eliminate dead skin cells and blackheads, while the cream moisturiser locks in all the nutrient goodness to leave your skin feeling super supple and refreshed. The Clarins Hydra Essential Collection is currently on sale for only R525. Get yours now! 

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Clinique Three-Step Set For Normal to Oily Skin 

Oily skin tends to go into overdrive in winter as it produces more sebum to combat the dry weather conditions. Give your skin the gift of Clinique's Three-Step Set for Normal to Oily Skin - a comprehensive skincare set guaranteed to give you clear, smooth and glowing skin. This set includes an everyday liquid facial soap formulated to combat oily skin, a clarifying lotion and exfoliator to eradicate dull, flaky skin, and a hydrating jelly to pack in the moisture and protect against air pollution. The kit also comes with three pint-size travel products to store in your handbag or an overnight bag, so you'll never be without your skincare must-haves. Purchase your Clinique Three-Step Set here. 

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Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Kit 

Dermalogica is one of the most trusted skincare brands in South Africa for good reason. Their Intensive Moisture Kit promises to nourish dry skin up to 10 layers deep and repair damaged skin to help combat dehydration. You can use these products morning and night to repair dead or dry skin. The kit includes one intensive moisture cleanser, one Phyto replenish oil and an intensive moisture balance cream. You need only apply a pea-size amount of each product, ensuring that your products last and guarantee value for money. Pop into your nearest Dermalogica store to speak to a skincare specialist about your needs or browse around their website to find your ideal skincare match.

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SKOON Mini Pot Starter Kit 

Not quite ready to commit to a new skincare brand or routine? Try out SKOON's Mini Pot Starter Kit available from Faithful to Nature. These sample size products are ideal for testing out what works best for your skin. This starter kit includes four essential skincare products specially formulated for sensitive skin. Don't let the harsh winter weather wreck havoc on your delicate skin. Invest in the SKOON Mini Pot Starter Kit to keep your complexion glowing. The kit includes a gel to milk cleanser, lightweight rooibos moisturising cream, plant-derived squalane serum and an overnight replenishing mask. These products are all certified organic and at least 80% natural, so you can look good and feel good about saving the environment, too.

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