Winter Morning Wake-Up Routines To Get You Up and On The Move

Your alarm clock rings – for the fifth time. You know that it’s time to get up, but that oh-so tempting snooze button beckons. If you struggle to get up and on the move during the chilly months (or any time of the year), follow these super simple winter morning wake up routines. 

Morning Wake up Routines

You know the drill. Alarm clock rings, you roll over still deep in sleep and regretfully push the snooze button. This goes on until you really can’t delay the inevitable any longer. At last, you force yourself up and out of the warm cocoon of your bed. The rush to get ready for the day begins. Frantic and stressed, you curse yourself for not getting up just that little bit earlier.

We all know that the rise and shine of winter mornings can be the dregs. But, there are a few tips and tricks you can employ to get yourself up and about in good time. Or, at least save yourself the mad rush around to get ready. Here are our top winter morning wake up routines:

morning wake up routines

Sleep Cycle Alarms

The Sleep Cycle App monitors your sleep cycles throughout the night. Thirty minutes before your alarm is set to go off, the app will begin to gently wake you up. You are awoken during a light sleep stage, so you feel less sluggish and grouchy. Your wake up also feels more natural and should help you roll out of that bed a little easier.

First glass of the day

Most of us fail to drink as much water as we need during the day. So, why not start out your day by getting in your first glass of eight? Of course, tap water can be ice cold first thing on a winter’s morning. If you can’t handle the chill, pour yourself a warm glass of water with a slice of lemon. The lemon not only gives the water a zesty kick, but can help boost your metabolism and quell hunger pangs.


Not all of us are early morning gym bunnies. However, it is imperative to get in a few good stretches before starting your day. Getting up just five minutes earlier gives you the time to shake off those colliewobbles and get your body moving. You can practice the basic head-shoulders-knees-and-toes routine, or go for something a little more complex like yoga or pilates. Plus, stretching is proven to deliver good amounts of oxygen to the brain, leaving you feeling refreshed and clear minded.

Short showers

Showering in the morning has proven health benefits. Not only do you feel squeaky clean and ready to tackle the day, but it provides mental clarity and alertness. But, experts advise that you don’t take super hot showers, especially during winter as this can dry out your skin. Brave the cold and take a warm, short shower. Also be sure to moisturize afterwards. The Body Shop have some great cruelty-free body butters to smother yourself with before heading out for the day.

Healthy Brekkie

No one can really agree whether breakfast is most important meal of the day or not. Nevertheless, eating a healthy breakfast on a cold winter’s day can improve your mood, by giving you a release of happy endorphins to perk up that body and brain.

Dieticians suggest that you wait at least an hour or two after waking to indulge in your first meal. Prepare your healthy brekkie the night before, so that by the time you reach school or work your ravenous tummy can be easily fed. Our favourite winter time breakfast is good old oats. Whether you like yours soaked overnight or made in an instant, they provide a good dose of energy and are filling enough to last you till lunch time.

Morning wake up routines

Do you have any helpful winter morning wake up routines to share? Let us know about them!

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