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Winter Activities To Keep You Entertained

Winter Activities To Keep You Entertained

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Feeling a little bored this winter? Not really keen to go anywhere but you'd love to be doing something other than eating and watching television? Well, try some of these hobbies to keep you entertained. 12677797_f520

Winter Activities: Dance The Winter Blues Away!

Winter activities such as dancing will not only keep you warm but fit as well! Make use of your television and switch the channels from M-Net to MTV and get your dancing shoes on. You don't have to be an expert in dancing to enjoy yourself in your bedroom or living room. Alternatively, you could live stream dancing classes or invest in a dance lesson DVD to teach you a new dance. With ballroom to salsa and hip-hop dancing, you'll be a dance expert by the end of winter!

Winter Activities: Knitting

It's only fitting to indulge in some knitting every autumn and winter. Needless to say, most of the things we knit around this time period, if we ever finish, we tend to need to use. But challenge yourself this winter and set a high goal of what to knit either to donate to a charity or to give away to your friends and/or family. One can never have enough awesome knitwear made with love.

TED Talks

Presuming that you have not already jumped on the TED Talks phenomena, you are totally missing out! With the byline "Ideas worth spreading" get yourself informed about the world around and inside you. TED Talks range from the exterior world, to the interior biology and psychology that makes us, us. So don't just watch series online or on television, watch educational TED Talks instead!


Whether it's reading, writing, photography or videography – get connected with literature around you. Do you think of yourself as a reader? Then why not collect a few books to read and complete this winter. If you're more of a writer, set a goal to write a short story or a novel. Are you a photography type of person? Then capture a photo series. Videographers? Create a short film or documentary!


Communication is a vital component in day-to-day lives. Even then, we still get into situations of miscommunication or language barriers. Why not take it upon yourself and learn a new language? Sure you might be thinking French or Spanish but challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone by learning Zulu, Sotho or any of the other South African language you may not know. You have nothing to lose but much to gain!

By Cleopatra Shava

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