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Why You Should Join Run/Walk For Life This January

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Get moving on those New Year Resolutions by joining a Run/Walk For Life club this January. Offering customised workouts to suit your age, fitness level and personal goals, this is so much more than just a fitness fad. Read on to find out more.

What Is Run/Walk For Life?

Run/Walk For Life is a training and fitness programme developed by a medical doctor, with the aim of helping ordinary people meet their fitness goals, lose weight and feel more productive at work and home. Run/Walk For Life is one of South Africa's leading fitness programmes and is the only regime of its kind approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa. RWFL also does not require any fitness level to begin and caters to all ages. A non-strenuous cardio-vascular exercise which is safe for pregnant women and diabetics, what more could you want out of your new training programme?

How It Works

Run/Walk For Life is all about setting your own personal goals, whether you want to lose weight, increase your strength or track a faster running time. The programme is designed to help you achieve your goals, promising a noticeable difference in as little as three weeks of training. Prior to your first session, your fitness level will be assessed. You will then be placed into a group of people with similar strengths and speeds to ensure that no one is left behind. Similarly, you will not be held back by someone who is less fit than you are. However, keep in mind that there is no discrimination or shaming here. All members are welcomed and encouraged to do only as much as they can. Run/Walk For Life promotes sustainable fitness, meaning that this is a long-term investment. There is no quick fix to weight loss or health, after all.

Training sessions take place three times a week, for thirty minutes each session. With facilities set up all around Johannesburg, RWFL is one of the most accessible fitness programmes on offer. An added benefit is that most sessions are hosted at school sports fields in the outdoors. There is nothing worse than a musty, stuffy gym, in our opinion. So, why not get yourself out there with a group of new found friends for some fresh air?

Run Walk For Life

Science Knows Best

Have you ever pushed yourself too hard during a solo training experiment? We have all been there - feeling out of shape and desperate to see change, so we over exert ourselves in the hope of a miracle. Rather than enter this viscous cycle yet again, let the science behind RWFL teach you how to understand your limits. On the programme, you will be taught how to count your pulse before and after exercise, as well as how to monitor your breathing. But, don't imagine that you are alone in this. Besides your fellow runners/walkers, you will be monitored by a supervisor and your very own personal trainer. With their combined expertise, you are bound to be slaying your goals in no time!

Following each training session, your supervisor will record your progress by scientific and computed methods. This way you can track how far you have come and perhaps set new goals for yourself. Many of Run/Walk For Life members go on to run the Comrades Marathon or to join the Elite Team of members. You never know your capabilities until you try, so let's get started before the new year rolls in.

Safety First

We know that there are some harsh realities of living in the city. One of which is that many of us feel unsafe to run or walk the streets, even in broad daylight. Knowing your concerns, Run/Walk For Life have ensured that their routes are marked and monitored by road leaders. Because you are walking in a group, you will also feel safer and more at ease. We'll see you out there.

For More Information

Visit the Run/Walk For Life website for more information on membership fees, club venues and session times. You can also follow them on social media to stay up to date with special events and promotions:

Facebook: facebook.com/runwalkforlifesa

Instagram: instagram.com/rwforlife

Details: 0861 00 55 66 | [email protected]

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