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Our Favourite Cosmos Pictures From Delta Park

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How lucky we are to live in a city so rich in flora. One of our favourite seasons is definitely autumn. Not only do we get to see the trees explode in scarlet and amber, but our parks bloom pink and white with cosmos. Here are some pictures from Delta Park to feast your eyes on.

Cosmos flowers were introduced to South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War in tainted horse feed. Today, a variety of cosmos bloom in parts of South Africa, and these pink and white blossoms and still remain a popular attraction. Autumn is cosmos season, so expect to see fields (more like seas) of purple, pink and white – it's one of the most beautiful things you'll ever see. In Johannesburg we're particularly blessed with cosmos. Here's where to see them in abundance:

Tucked away on the cusp of Blairgowrie and Victory Park, about 10km northwest of the city centre, lies Delta Park. The park is a peaceful and spacious area of some 104 hectares - one of the city’s biggest ‘green lungs’. Its long walking paths are frequented by weekend runners and horse riders. Delta Park is a little more beautiful than usual during the months of March and April because the cosmos are in full bloom. It's lovely to watch an abundance of pink and white flowers all over. Here are some pictures of cosmos captured at this Joburg park:


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Enjoy a beautiful and refreshing morning walk or run surrounded by stunning flowers. To be one with nature and see the sunrise over the cosmos is undoubtedly a therapeutic feeling!

The park is pet friendly and perfect for a walk with your dog while taking in the beauty of the cosmos.

The park is wonderful for a stroll in the morning or afternoon, and also for picnics. Bring your friends and family together for a lovely photoshoot.
Wear comfortable shoes and walk the field, capturing and taking in the beauty of the cosmos. The cosmos create such a perfect backdrop for your Instagram pictures!


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In any sense, this seasonal autumn bloom is too spectacular not to capture. If you want to create lasting and colourful memories, visit Delta Park for the perfect photo op, whether for a personal or professional shoot, the cosmos provide a beautiful essence to your photos.


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Written by Tendani Rabali

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