#WeTry: Trying Out Ice Skating For The First Time

I have always been about adventure and trying out new things, but I must admit I have a bad habit of postponing my to-do-list ( I know, I know, bad habit). Well, not anymore! The year 2018 is the year for trying out new and challenging things. Ice-skating being one of them!

I know people have done it so many times but I am pretty sure there are still people like me who have not been ice skating before.  I decided that there was no time like the present to give ice-skating a try as one of my #NoRegrets2018 adventures!

Ice Skating

I fell a couple of times but I pulled through people! I am always up for a challenge, and I am always game when I have to do something that involves wearing warm clothes. I am not like Elsa from Frozen, the cold bothers me quite a lot. To be perfectly honest – I wore a fur coat!

I went to the Northgate Ice Rink, which is an indoor arena that offers a wide variety of fun. Upon entering, the staff were very friendly and helped to calm my nerves. The Northgate Ice Rink is situated at Northgate Shopping Centre in North Riding. I was like a child in a candy store, it was just thrilling and an amazing experience. The best part was that there was a kiosk for refreshments – I am always happy when there is food involved. I was also impressed with the prices – R 75 per person and skate hire is R 35 per person. So, you see it was worthwhile, I went home a bit sore, but that is entirely my fault, because I am VERY unfit.

The Ice Rink Northgate

There you have it people. Take it from me – I tried it, I did it, and I (sort of) conquered it. So, if you haven’t tried it don’t be afraid to do it!A lso be sure to keep and eye on their Facebook page for details of upcoming events.

For More Information

Website: www.theicerink.co.za

Email: info@theicerink.co.za

Tel: 011 794 8706

Address: Northgate Shopping Centre, Northumberland Road, Randburg, Johannesburg.

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