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Welcome To Blueberry Square

Est. Reading: 5 minutes
Blueberry Square on the corner of Beyers Naude Drive and Blueberry Street has brought a wealth of new shopping and restaurant options to Honeydew.

A major portion of the old Honeydew Shopping Centre was demolished to make way for Blueberry Square - a shopping development with 15,000 square metres of retail space. Blueberry Square aims to become a place for family, friendships, community, vibrancy and esteem.

Situated along Blueberry Road, just off Beyers Naudé; Blueberry Square enjoys extensive visibility from passing vehicles and is perfectly positioned next to Eagle Canyon, to become a daily shopping destination and meeting place for residents, family and the whole community. The tenant focus is on convenience and is anchored by Checkers, West Pack, Freshouse Market and a soon to be added Woolworths Food. A handful of retailers have been carefully selected to provide a superior experience to the well-heeled consumers in the node.

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Blueberry Square has a whole range of new stores and the ones that remained too, giving it plenty to offer for everyone. For grocery shopping, the centre is anchored by Checkers and Woolworths Food. Freshouse Market offers fresh produce, meat and a bakery. 

You can shop for cosmetics, toiletry and pharmaceuticals at Clicks or find plastic, storage and party solutions at West Pack or the Crazy Store.

Salons, barbers, beauticians

For hair,  nails, cosmetics or beautician services, check out Planet Nails, Thai Afrik Massage Studio, Yisu Beauty Inc and Assa Cosmetics.

Men who need a trim or groom can pop in at AK Barber Shop or Medellin Gentlemen Groomers.


Blueberry Square has some spectacular restaurants for each and every kind of foodie. 

The Hussar Grill, winner of the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence 2018, is your top notch meatery. Their aged steaks and spare ribs that literally fall off the bone will have you drooling.

The Fishmonger is your first choice for anything fishy, their oysters are fresh and decadent and the food is all exquisite (plus their cocktails are amazing!) 

Blueberry Beacon is a family restaurant with an amazing kiddies menu and great burgers, pizza and a very yummy Dom Pedro for the parents. 

Both Fishmonger and Blueberry Beacon overlook and give access to an insane kids playground area, there’s even very friendly and helpful caretakers to attend to your children. You can enjoy your dinner while watching over the playground. And let me tell you, this is no ordinary playground. It’s humongous! Two four-story jungle gyms fully equipped with slides, push bikes and raceways, swings and rides, it will keep your kids entertained for hours. Trust me when I tell you they will not want to leave. 


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If you’re after something a little spicier, Chili Out offers a real Indian experience. Senhor Peri Peri offers a delicious selection of all things Portuguese, from their signature peri peri chicken to mouth-watering grilled prawns.

Cafe Del Sol brings it all full circle with their delicious Italian food. They invite you to brush off your worries and to eat, drink and be inspired. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the philosophical quotes that decorate the candlelit walls in this sleek and vibrant Italian restaurant.

Coffee shops

The Bootlegger Coffee Company at Blueberry Square is the perfect spot if you’re looking for good coffee. Their Bootlegger home blent is a great treat if you enjoy hints of toasted hazelnut, caramel and a subtle touch of dark chocolate. Keep an eye out, each store has a carefully selected line from an AC/DC song hung on the wall in neon lights.  

Cafe Estreito is another lovely spot to stop by if you enjoy good coffee. They describe their coffee as the journey to the destination. As you sip your coffee you are reminded of a deeper cultural belonging. They say, and I concur, that maybe every day should start with a cultured coffee and end blissfully with a crispy, crunchy delicacy.


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Specialty stores

The Pickled Plum is your one stop shop for all your sweet and savoury homebakes. They offer gluten free and diabetic products, cakes for special occasions, banting friendly meals and a wide variety of gifts. 

[email protected], which you’ll find right next to Checkers, has a huge range of delicious biltong and droewors. If you love biltong then I’d definitely recommend popping by.

There's a Tasko Sweets where you can find all types of international sweet brands like Hershey's, Sour Patch Kids and Spongebob Squarepants Krabby Patties Gummie Candy.

There's also a Caves Toys & Hobbies to explore with your kids (or without!). Bring joy to your child (and your inner child) with all these cool toys and hobbies.

All offerings

Here are all the offerings at Blueberry Square in alphabetical order:

Affordable Lock Smith - 083 307 4802
AK Barber Shop - 062 537 6808
Assa Cosmetics - 084 777 0759
[email protected] - 012 004 0551
Blue Bottle Liquor - 011 794 1084/ 071 795 3117
Blueberry Beacon - 084 628 6496
Blueberry Medical Centre - 010 065 0424
Bootlegger Coffee Company - 010 001 9480
Café Del Sol - 011 704 6493
Café Estreito - 010 013 3946
Caves Toys & Hobbies - 010 447 1556 or
063 103 6346 (Whatsapp)
Clenergy - 076 714 1004
Checkers - 011 251 2750
Chili Out - 062 781 4753
Clicks - 012 648 4140
Continental Linen - 010 522 1456
Copy Express Blueberry - 011 764 1814
Fishaways - 011 795 1549
Fishmongers - 010 447 9787
Freshouse Market - 011 704 2921
Honeydew School Wear - 011 795 1617
Jacks Paint & Hardware - 010 745 5685
Klein - 073 125 7281
Kung Fu Kitchen - 010 222 0723
Lava - 084 628 6496
Nedbank ATM
Medellin Gentlemen Groomers - 010 065 0501
Oriental Spice Bazaar - 084 027 3547
Petzone - 010 055 5013
Pizza Perfect - 011 794 1649/15
Planet Nails - 011 795 1258 / 081 210 3059
Pool & Pump Centre - 011 795 4243
Postnet - 061 413 0245
Post Office - 011 795 2813
Pressed In Time - 081 538 4675
Remax Cellular - 064 412 4629
Second Chance Clothing - 066 263 8710
Second Chance Clothing - 066 263 8710
Senhor Peri Peri - 010 822 1225
Specsaver - 087 821 3905
Standard Bank ATM
Steers - 011 794 1287/8354
Tansleem Cellular - 082 088 2252
Tasko sweets - 082 292 1501
Thai Afrik Massage Studio - 047 300 5354
The Bedz Zone - 064 798 6073
The Crazy store - 087 138 5132
The Furniture Den - 076 768 7312
The Hussar Grill - 011 568 1686
The Pickled Plum 011 675 5682
The Sneaker Shack - [email protected]
The Vape Gurus - 082 441 5845 / 072 380 1598
Think Health - 072 599 6617
Urban Optik - 010 447 9847
West Pack - 010 055 0489
Woolworths Food
Yisu Beauty Inc - 010 222 0982 / 060 673 8109


  • Alexis Bakery & Confectionary Supplies
  • BGR Burgers
  • Chili Out
  • [email protected]
  • Moova Fitness Club
  • RNA Stationers


When visiting Blueberry Square, you'll get to enjoy FREE parking! There are FREE open parking bays available for shoppers and plenty of parking bays allocated to shoppers with a disabled parking disc/permit.

Trading Hours

  • Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00
  • Saturday: 08:00 – 18:00
  • Sunday and Public Holidays: 09:00 – 14:00

Blueberry Square Contact Details


Address: Corner of Beyers Naude Drive and Blueberry Street, Honeydew, Johannesburg

Social Media Platform: Facebook


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