Virtual Reality Brings Art Into The 21st Century with the TMRW Gallery

Virtual Reality and art – a strange love marriage of technology and creativity. But, somehow it works! If you are interested in the intersections between VR and art, visit the TMRW Gallery in Rosebank. You will never see art the same way again. 

Virtual Reality meets Art

Visual art is often accused of being an antiquated form of expression, which is only accessible to educated upper classes. In a city as diverse and eclectic as Joburg, art must therefore address the needs and realities of the masses to stay relevant. In a rapidly changing world, art must also adapt to developing technologies. This is where the TMRW Gallery comes into the picture. A cutting-edge arts space in the city, the TMRW Gallery is where art and altered reality meet. Experiencing a painting or performance piece just became a whole lot more real than ever before.

TMRW Gallery

Established in 2018, the TMRW Gallery carves the way forward when it comes to integrating art, performance and mutlimedia and technology. As a mixed reality workshop space located along the Keyes Arts Mile in Rosebank, they host an array of mixed reality exhibitions, talks and interactive workshops. Their gallery is thus unlike any other art space in the city.

The TMRW Gallery’s main initiative is therefore to make existing, immersive and interactive digital technology more accessible to artists and the general public. In this way, they hope to broaden artist’s portfolios by giving them an additional medium with which to experiment. At the same time, art lovers are introduced to new technologies in a fun and interactive way.

TMRW Gallery

Upcoming events

The TMRW Gallery are currently hosting the Invisible Exhibition II. This must-see exhibition features five virtual reality performances, and 10 augmented reality art works. The Invisible Exhibition was first curated as part of the Centre For The Less Good Idea’s Season 5 showcase in collaboration with the TMRW Gallery. Artists such as William Kentridge (founder of the Centre For The Less Good Idea), created masterful art pieces using an online gaming app. You can view these artworks using an iPad. All you have to do is aim the screen at the nearest blank wall and the picture will come to life right in front of you!

The Invisible Exhibition also features five virtual reality performances. These performances are each 11 minute long epics. Written and directed by theatre practitioners and artists working with The Centre For The Less Good Idea. Audiences are thus invited to enter a 360° performance space, where they are surrounded by the performance action. Wearing a virtual reality visor, audiences must move with the performers to catch all that is going on. Not only does this break spectator-performer boundaries, but it eclipses the single audience member as the most important viewer in the room. If you are looking to experience theatre in an entirely new way, visit the Invisible Exhibition in its improved second iteration at the TMRW Gallery.

TMRW Gallery
Invisible Exhibition II – Dinner Table

The Invisible Exhibition will be on at the TMRW Gallery until Saturday, 6 July 2019. Find more information about the exhibition here.

For more information

Visit the TMRW Gallery’s website for more information. Or, follow them on social media for exhibition updates:



Contact the gallery on 072 195 1676 or via email at

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