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Vegan Hot Chocolate In The City

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Winter has hit, and with it the need for decadence to fill up that empty hole left by the sweeping chill. What better way to get your decadent, and warm, fill than with a delicious cup of hot chocolate? So we found the best spots to get a decent cup of vegan hot chocolate in the city. 

Mugg and Bean

This local cafe is famous for their rich and bitter bottomless coffees. And now they have extended their offerings to include bottomless vegan hot chocolate. Which is perfect for those of us who can't stop at just one cup. And how could we? What is better than the creamy vegan milk heated with lashings of sweet chocolate to melt the chill away? Bring along the latest Patterson novel, and we have the ultimate cold day survival kit.

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Kaylee's Eatery

Kaylee's Eatery has become a popular choice for vegans across Joburg. This is because they provide healthy and nutritious meals that actually taste good. They are on this list because of their amazing and comforting hot chocolate, which is not exactly healthy or nutritious but still important for mental health and winter survival. No books are required for this shop because it's located at a comic book store, surrounded by books aplenty.

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Conscious 108

This eatery tucked away in Greenside serves delicious vegan fare, that certainly makes it worth the effort of getting out of bed in the middle of winter. But have no fear, their Chickpea Bunny Chow complete with the frothy Hot Chocolate is sure to warm you up, from the inside out. And for a little extra indulgence, why not try the rich and gorgeous chocolate cake?

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Greenside Cafe

Greenside Cafe aims to reduce carbon footprint by embracing the vegan and vegetarian diet. The eatery has a wide variety of menu items that are focused on offering food that will leave patrons feeling fresh and healthy. Of course, in winter we just want to feel warm and fuzzy. And they provide that, too. Their Paris-style hot chocolate is made with luscious Belgian chocolate. It's the perfect winter treat.

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Free Food

This joint can be found in Birnam. They serve a great range of vegan food and drink. This includes items to take home for the freezer such as ready-made frozen pizza bases. They make it to this list because they have not one, not two, but three hot chocolate options. These include regular hot chocolate with dark chocolate, almond milk and sweetened with dates; mint hot chocolate with added mint oil and vanilla hot chocolate.

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Lexi's Healthy Eatery

This spot is a vegan haven, serving delicious food that is vegan, with a few non-vegan options. It's a great option for mixed-diet couples and families. They have a wide range of winter appropriate drinks including teas, coffees and caffeine free lattes. Their Hot Chocolate is made with raw cacao, Himalayan salt, cinnamon and coconut sugar. This is certainly a warm drink that is both satisfying and nutritious. We would definitely order this with the Warm Salted Choc Brownie, a dark chocolate brownie served with coconut cream and strawberries.

Find more information here.

Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens in Rietfontein is a beloved vegan establishment where the food is grown on site. Famous for their vegan cafes, this is a spot where you know where your food comes and that no animals were harmed in the process. Their menu features moreish, wholesome food and a delightful desert section. And, of course, their vegan hot chocolate is out of this world.

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