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Ultraseal South Africa

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Do you own cars, truck fleets, heavy equipment or anything that has tyres? Ultraseal is the product you need, a tyre life extender and enhancer as well as a tyre sealant offering you extended tyre life, increased safety and all round savings.

Can you afford to sit on the side of the road changing a flat tyre knowing that you are at risk of being hi-jacked or as a business losing valuable time and money on service calls and downtime? Now you don’t have to! With Ultraseal installed in your tyres you will have peace of mind knowing that a mere puncture will not leave you stranded. Ultraseal stands on guard waiting to permanently repair punctures as they happen.

Ultraseal is not like any other tyre sealant, it is a revolutionary product, and is now available in South Africa. Ultraseal International has a 37 unblemished years of excellence.

Traditional tyre sealants are simple inexpensive products, formulated with as little as 4 ingredients, very similar to wallpaper paste, and containing particles of shredded tyres, that "temporarily" clog up a hole in a tyre. When they are applied in a high speed tyre, because of heat, and centrifugal forces, they break down, and dry up, thus rendering them ineffective. This may be detrimental to the tyre in the long term, and they may also rust or corrode rims, and steel belts. Whereas, Ultraseal, is a "concentrated viscous gel", consisting of over 24 ingredients of complex, and comprehensive secret formulation, plus specially manufactured “coarse surface” synthetic fibers, that interlock together like Velcro in the hole, and is a tyre-life extender, and conditioner that cures, and "permanently" seals punctures in a high speed tyre, with the help of the heat that is generated through contact with the road. Ultraseal is the only product in the world that contains Thixogel™, and is Thixotropic, which means it goes from a gel to a liquid with centrifugal forces, and then immediately snaps back to a gel, just before coming to rest. That's why Ultraseal always stays evenly dispersed on the inner tyre instead of pooling on the bottom, which is one of the many reasons it works at high speed. Once Ultraseal has been installed, it conditions the tyre making the rubber supple, thereby reducing cracking, deterioration, and porosity, and any hole caused by puncturing objects.


If the tyres integrity is weakened to a point where the tyre and casing are unsafe, Ultraseal is designed to bleed and slowly release air pressure if the puncturing object has severely damaged the inner structure.

Ultraseal will not hide or mask a dangerous wound regardless of how small the wound may be. If the integrity of the casing has been breached and safety becomes an issue Ultraseal is designed to allow air to escape in a controlled manner. This attribute has been confirmed through extensive testing by the U.S. Army, at the Army Proving Grounds, in Yuma, Arizona.


Ultraseal International, Inc. manufactures several grades of Ultraseal Tyre Life Extender/sealer:

Commercial/Industrial grade - is formulated for any vehicle with pneumatic tyres, tube or tubeless, high or low air pressure used on highway speed vehicles or slow off road equipment tyres this formula will seal wounds caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm in diameter.

Extra Heavy Duty grade (XHD) Recommended for used in large trucks and off road equipment. This grade was initially developed for Military combat vehicles, armored vehicles and off road equipment. Used in combat vehicle tyres where bullet wounds would prevent any vehicle from completing its mission, Ultraseal is capable of sealing large wounds, thereby allowing vehicles to maintain mobility.

Once again, Ultraseal provides that extra reliability and very important uptime on mining and construction equipment, where downtime is extremely costly. XHD grade is not designed for regular passenger vehicles. It will seal wounds caused by puncturing objects up to 12mm in diameter.


Ultraseal is injected into the valve stem without deflating the tyre using the specially designed patented air tight valve core removing tool, the deluxe "Valve Core Remover" (VCR) allows for the installation of Ultraseal without the necessity to deflate the tyres. Using the VCR has tremendous advantages, any vehicle can be serviced wherever it may be, it is not necessary to take the equipment into the garage for servicing.

Installation requires approximately 10 minutes per average passenger car or light truck tyre and 5 minutes per tyre on large trucks and equipment. With in minutes Ultraseal is installed and you are ready to go. Ultraseal will begin to work as soon as the vehicle is driven. Tyre inspections and air pressure checks will only be required during normal preventative maintenance inspections.


Ultraseal has been tested and proven to maintain air pressure, retard aging within the casing, reduce heat buildup and increase tyre life on an average of 30-40% and higher in most cases.

Ultraseal has the ability to eliminate porosity, air migration and seepage, thereby allowing the tyre to maintain proper air pressure, preventing the inception of most tread separations & zipper ruptures.

Ultraseal has the ability to protect against the inception of tread and ply separations caused by air migration between the plies of new and retread tyres, thereby resulting in additional retread cycles and extended casing life.

Ultraseal has the ability to retard dry rot and aging from within the tyre, which increases the life of any tubeless tyre casing.

Ultraseal assists in protecting tyres from devastating heat buildup which is associated with friction caused by under-inflation and/or overloading. Ultraseal contains specific ingredients that aid in conducting heat away from the tyre, by transmitting additional heat to the rim (which is the tyres natural heat sink), resulting in a cooler running tubeless tyre for any type of equipment or vehicle, regardless of mission profile.

Ultraseal provides safety factors that are not found in any tyre. Ultraseal will not mask or hide damage that has breached the integrity of the tyre. Ultraseal is specially formulated to allow any serious puncture (potentially dangerous) to slowly bleed air and Ultraseal out of the wound, thereby allowing the tyre to deflate in a controlled manner. This attribute provides safety and aids in alleviating the hazards associated with blowouts.

Ultraseal contains Thixogel™ a proprietary process that protects the sealant against heat and provides the ability to overcome the centrifugal force of a rotating tyre. Ultraseal performance is not diminished by speed, distance or time.

Ultraseal's Thixogel™ provides a coating that clings to the entire surface of the tyre/rim assembly. The sidewalls including every square inch of the inner air cavity retain a 2-3mm coating of the product, thereby providing protection for the tyre at all times.

Ultraseal repairs are positive and secure, thereby transforming any tyre into a self-sealing tyre. Ultraseal is capable of sealing tread area punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm in diameter, as long as the puncturing object has not severely damaged and/or weakened the tyres structural integrity. Ultraseal can not create a secure repair in any tyre that has major internal damage, regardless of the puncturing object's diameter.

WATER-SOLUBLE (for easy clean up)
Ultraseal is completely water-soluble in its liquid state, and leaves no residue when rinsed with plain water. Yet it will not dissolve within a wound after it has cured. Standard repairing procedures can be utilized without additional effort.

Ultraseal contains a complete rust and corrosion inhibiting system that not only protects steel and alloy wheels, but in a wound, Ultraseal's proprietary process will also protect steel belts. Outside contaminants are prevented from leaching back into the wound which would cause the steel belts to rust and the ply's to separate. Without Ultraseal's protection, the contaminants would quickly destroy valuable casings.

Treating a tyre with the recommended amount of Ultraseal does not provide for an excessive amount of product to accumulate in the tread area, therefore the tyre is not subjected to a mass of substance that would create an imbalance. Ultraseal can not create an imbalance due to the unique ability to evenly coat the entire inner surfaces of the tyre/rim assembly subjected to normal centrifugal force.

If the suspension is worn beyond specified tolerance, or a tyre/rim assembly is not balanced and/or trued, the abnormal centrifugal force generated will have enough gravitational force to pull Ultraseal off the vertical surfaces and collect in the problem area thereby increasing the "existing" imbalance problem. If the problem is severe enough the driver will feel a vibration. The vibration indicates that a problem preexisted in the tyre assembly or suspension prior to installing Ultraseal. Ultraseal International recommends that the balance and trueness of a tyre assembly and/or the worthiness of the front suspension be verified, prior to the installation of Ultraseal.

The majority of flats and blowouts are a result of driver negligence. The number one cause being excessive heat generated from under-inflation. The overheated, under-inflated tyre becomes soft and can be penetrated very easily. However, under-inflation creates additional problems such as tread separations, ply separations and zipper ruptures. All of the above is primarily caused by porosity (natural air migration) which exists in all tyres to some degree.

Ultraseal eliminates air migration and prevents the majority of damage created by under-inflation, thereby preventing most related blowouts. The sealing capabilities of Ultraseal are unparalleled by any tyre sealant, worldwide.

Ultraseal International, Inc. has documents from all major tyre manufacturers stating that Ultraseal does not void their warranties. In 37 years of business there has never been a report of Ultraseal causing a new tyre warranty rejection or a retread casing rejection. Ultraseal's chemical composition is completely compatible with all tyre components.

Ultraseal conditions the casing and retards aging. Plus, the ability to be thoroughly cleaned out of the tyre assures no hindrance for inspection. The product is non-hazardous, non-flammable, does not present a disposal problem and has no compatibility problems.

In 1993, representatives from GSA, EPA and the Postal System established a Generic tyre Sealant Specification that set the world's first standard for tyre sealants. Safety, compatibility and performance (for a minimum of 20,000 miles) were the basic requirements for the new/unused product. The Spec's also required safety and compatibility re-testing of the used product, upon completion of the 20,000 miles.

With the approval of the Postal Service, Ultraseal International contracted for the performance portion of the test to double the mileage of the specification.

Ultraseal was certified and approved as a result of completing a 40,000 mile test performed by one of the Postal Service approved independent tyre testing laboratories.

Can you afford not to have Ultraseal in your tyres, let’s recap and see all the benefits of getting Ultrasealed.

Characteristics of Ultraseal:

Ultraseal is guaranteed to seal porosity leaks, air migration and punctures up to 6mm in diameter within the tread area for the legal life of the tire. If the tire casing is damaged or weakened to a point of being unsafe, the Ultraseal formulation has been designed to slowly bleed regardless of how small the puncture may be. Safety is a major concern of Ultraseal.

- Eliminates porosity
- Preserves casing
- Reduces heat
- Provides permanent repair
- Provides additional fuel economy
- Reduces downtime
- Increases safety
- Eliminates most flats and blowouts
- Water soluble in it liquid state
- Cleans out easily (for re-treading and major repairs)
- Fully compatible with all re-treading methods
- Will not void any tyre warranty
- Saves you money
- Extends tyre life
- Last the legal life of the tyre

Ultraseal also guarantees that it:
- Won’t ball up or dry up
- Won’t rust or corrode rims


Contact Ultraseal South Africa to book your installation, or for more information (contact details alongside).

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