It’s A Man’s World At Tread + Miller

As much as being a gentleman is about more than just clothes, nothing is more Man than good fashion sense, personality and confidence. And best believe — it’s a man’s world at Tread + Miller!

It’s A Man’s World At Tread + Miller

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Tread With Style…

If anything, looking good is the greatest first step you can take when trying to make an impression, whether its for a date, interview, event or just for the sake of looking fresh to death. I mean, there is nothing wrong with that and we are sure that Tread + Miller would totally agree.

Tread + Miller lives by the saying, “We are people who are passionate about shoes. We live and breathe leather and laces”. This is the epitome of their brand and the vibe they exude as soon as you enter any of their stores. They completely live up to the standard. You should also visit their blog for inspiration with men’s fashion.

Dapper As Ever!!!

Okay! So what is the ideal look? That is the question. Some would go for the classic look, some for the elegant modern look. I think this all depends on you and your sense of style. Let’s start it from the bottom…

The Shoe… and the belt to go with it

Well! Even prince charming needs a shoe and this store breathes quality shoes. You definitely won’t go wrong when picking out a good shoe because the gentlemen at this store know their stuff, and they have dress sense to prove it too. The detail that goes into the shoes is absolutely impeccable and I’m most certain you will find a good belt to match. You don’t want pants falling to your ankles!

Finishing touches…

Tread + Miller knows how to finish off a gentleman’s outfit. All you will need is good cologne, confidence and a smile to wear with your next outfit. Whether you need cuff links, a tie or some fashionable sock, they’ve got you covered.

Ze Man Bag

I’ve heard all sorts of opinions about man bags, but personally, I think a gentleman can be confident enough to have a man bag and make it look macho, honey! A good man bag to match with your shoes is hot, but if it’s really not your thing, they do have good quality messenger bags.

And Right When You Thought Sandles Can’t Get Sophisticated

Gents! SA Fashion Week and other fashion shows around the world have shown us that sandles can be made elegant (and c’mon! Africans, we were made for this, without a doubt). Try something new, twist it up and own that look, be it casual or to stand out with your suit.

Miller Your Way To Find Inspiration

Sometimes, it can be quite hard to define that outfit or to find your true style. Tread + Miller does not leave you hanging like a deer in the headlights. The blog is a great world to explore to find inspiration and it’s the ultimate man cave to see what’s happening with men’s fashion and find what works for you. With all that said, I’m sure you are ready to become Mr Suave.

Remember, cologne, confidence and a smile.


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