Traditional Greek Cuisine With A Little Extra ‘Ish’


Greek food is absolutely delicious on its own, but sometimes you need that little extra ‘ish’ to make it super special. Greek-ish Restaurant in Stoneridge offers just that and so much more. Visit them as soon as you can to experience traditional Greek cuisine with some added pizzazz. 

We’ve made it our mission to try out all the Greek restaurants and delis in Joburg. We were super excited to discover a new addition to the list in Stoneridge near Greenstone Shopping Centre. Greek-ish is an authentic Greek restaurant with a twist. They’ve got a little something extra to offer, including fantastic fusion menu items, vegetarian and vegan varieties, and awesome events.

We visited them recently to get a feel for what they’re all about. We were delighted by their eclectic menu and warm service, and we’ll definitely be back soon to soak up some more of that wonderful Greek family-friendly atmosphere. Here were some of the standouts from our trip to Greek-ish Restaurant.

Marvelous Meze

We believe that the mark of a good Greek restaurant is its meze. So while Greek-ish’s more decadent menu options had us intrigued, we chose to order the vegetable meze platter for two instead.

While we are more flexitarian than strict veggie eaters, we adore the Greek approach to veggies. The platter includes crispy falafel, halloumi, zucchini fries, olives, dolmades, zucchini patties, spanakopita, tiropita, hummus tzatziki and moreish pita bread.

We were ravenously hungry and hoped that this selection of finger snacks would be enough to satisfy us. The platter was more than generous enough and left us with just the right amount of space for dessert.

Our favourite happie was the spanakopita – it had the perfect balance of spinach and creamy feta cheese. We’ll also be ordering the Greek style potato wedges on our next trip to Greek-ish. We spotted them a table away and we swear we could hear the crispy crunch from where we were seated!

Greek-ish also offers individual meze plates to choose from. Their meat and seafood plates sound just as divine as the veggie options.

Take your pick from grilled or fried calamari, prawns in a tomato and white wine sauce, creamy snails or yummy Greek meatballs. Greek-ish prides themselves on delivering authentic meze cooked to perfection, so you really can’t go wrong here.

A Sweet Ending

Our visit to Greek-ish wouldn’t have been complete without sampling a slice of their baklava cheesecake. We’ve had our fair share of this creamy, sticky dessert and we’ve been left with mixed feelings about its popularity. Often far too sweet and not nearly tangy enough, baklava cheesecake is a hit or miss in our opinion.

Greek-ish surprised us with their rendition of this classic after meal treat. The balance of sweet and tangy was as near to perfect as we could’ve asked for. The pastry was also delightfully crumbly and buttery. We paired our cheesecake with a strong espresso to keep the syrupy sweetness at bay but it wasn’t entirely needed. The cake is wonderfully balanced on its own and was the perfect sweet ending to our meal.

Beautiful Decor & Atmosphere

We visited Greek-ish on a cold night. Thankfully they were open despite there being loadshedding on the prowl in the area. We sat inside for the warmth and cosy atmosphere of the restaurant.

The pretty hanging lights would make this a great date night spot. The expansive outdoor seating area would also be perfect for a romantic dinner beneath the summer night sky. The Joburg weather and the divine Greek cuisine surely are a match made in heaven.

For More Information

Visit their website or Facebook page for more information.

Details: Shop U24A, Stoneridge Shopping Centre, Modderfontein and Hereford Road, Greenstone Hills | (Tel) 010 020 8597 |

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