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Office morale can sometimes be on the low side – it’s normal, it happens. But it’s also why team building activities are so important. Plus, they’re super-fun! We’ve put a list of the best team building activities together so that making your choice is easy as can be. Have fun!

Karaoke Kong

Sing your heart out at Melville’s Karaoke Kong! Whether you seek to unwind after a demanding workweek, unleash your inner performer on stage, or relish a spirited evening with colleagues, we introduce the perfect convergence for all these desires and more. Using state-of-the-art tech – KaraFun – their digital catalogue of over 50 000 karaoke songs offers you and your crew endless hours of sing-along fun! Read our feature article here.

Details: 087 821 6981 | | 1 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg, Johannesburg.

Fight It Out At Jozi X

If there is or was any unwanted tension in the office, there’s no better way to deal with it than by fighting it out at Jozi X. This place is like an adult playground, where the entire office will get to take part in various activities, including fun boxing, climbing the crazy ladder and just mucking about.

Details: 082 456 2358 | | Corner of Main and Sloane Street, Bryanston.

Laser Tag

There’s nothing quite like running about trying to shoot each other with lasers to make things at work more bearable. Laser Tag isn’t just for kids, you know, so why not play around with your office mates? Everyone will be smiling from ear to ear when it’s over – unless you’ve got some sore losers for colleagues.

Details: 082 456 2358 | | 43 Sloane St, Bryanston.

Office Lunch For All

This one’s a bit different but why not organise a ‘bring your own lunch’ day in the office? Assign a dish to each person in the office and, come lunch time, everyone will get to share and enjoy a hearty meal. For example, one person could make a salad, another could come up with a tasty finger sandwich recipe and someone else should be tasked with bringing dessert to end things off on a sweet note!

Take A Tour Around Joburg

Have you seen those topless red buses going around town? A trip on one of those will really get the whole office to bond as a group. It’s a really different way to see our beloved Joburg. With a whirlwind tour through the city – the tour works on a hop on, hop off system, with stops at various exciting points in the city. Try it out!

Details: 021 511 6000 | | The Zone, 177 Oxford Road, Rosebank.

Photo Credits: Phileen Lugte via Facebook.

River Rafting for Team Building

There’s nothing quite like fearing for your life with your colleagues to bring you closer together, right? Well, how about a spot of river rafting for the whole office? Furthermore, it’s a short trip to Parys so you’ll probably have to make a day of it but it’ll totally be worthwhile.

Details: 072 749 8169 | | 72B Bree street, Parys, South Africa.

Visit The Escape Room

Hashtag Escape is a cool concept place in the heart of Norwood that’s definitely a great idea to lift the office morale. You might have to break it down into groups, depending on how many of you go, as it’s done in teams of three to six. Basically, you get locked in a room and have to figure your way out – it’s a puzzle room that’s as challenging as it is fun!

Details: 072 235 4982 | | 39 Grant Avenue, Norwood.

Walk The City’s Streets

Dlala Nje offers walking tours through the city. Additionally, you’ll get to see Joburg like never before, thanks to these fab tour groups. They’ve got a wide range of options, from eating tours in Yeoville and Hillbrow explorations to graffiti tours, art tours and history walks. It’s super fun to take these tours as a group.

Details: 067 082 8168 | | Shop 1 – Ponte City, Hillbrow.

Jumping Around At Bounce Inc. for some Team Building

Next on our list is, the trampoline park that is Bounce Inc. is fun for kids and adults alike. The whole office is sure to have a blast, hopping about from trampoline to trampoline, playing dodge ball (goodbye, office tension) and a spot of basketball – this team building trip is one the whole office is sure to remember for ages to come!

Details: 011 517 2500 | | Locations.

Get Team Building At Colour Café

Colour Café is a great place to get those creative juices flowing. It’s a ceramic studio where you can paint your own mugs, plates, bowls etc. and they’ll be fired and finished for you. Moroever, they offer team building activities where you can either go to their venue or they can come to you! It’s a fun way for the whole office to get involved.

Details: 011 517 2500 | | Shop 4,5 & 6 Lower Ground Level, Hyde Square, Corner.

Xtreme Indoor Karting

Nestled in the heart of Fourways, right across from Fourways Mall at Cedar Square Shopping Centre, you’ll find Xtreme Indoor Karting – a hub of high-octane excitement.

But there’s more than just racing at Xtreme Indoor Karting. If you’re looking to take your teambuilding to the next level, we’ve got you covered. Imagine the camaraderie that builds as your team members race against each other in a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled competition. It’s a fun teambuilding idea that adds an extra layer of excitement to your outing.

Details: 011 465 0088 | | Upper Basement parking Cedar Square Mall, Fourways.

Know other great team building activities not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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