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Tattoos are in high demand of late, with people from all walks of life wanting to be marked by those needles. However, we all know the importance of getting your ink done by a top-class professional who will give you a long lasting work of art. These are some of the best in Joburg.

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Ting’s Tattoos

This tattoo parlour is located in Blaigowrie. The parlour is owned by tattooist, Ting Thorne, who specialises in watercolour and fine-detailed pieces. One only needs to see her incredible portrail of majestic lions to want to go under her needle. She also has a rep for having a gentle touch, making her a good choice for those afraid of needles or first timers. Other tattooists at this parlour are artist turned tattooist, Dee with hyper-realistic portraits and junior tattoo artist, Kyle, who will make your geometric designs come to life.

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Zen Ink

Zen Ink is located all the way in Boksburg. What makes it special is the tattoo artist, Nina Rademeyer, who hails from China. She has won numerous awards for her brilliant work. This is because she has taken the time to study human anatomy, and is now an expert in free-hand techniques. Other artists include her husband Jay-Cee, Wade Sadler and Froste.

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Rising Dragon

This studio can be found in Fourways. They offer a selection of tattoo styles but we love them for their realism pieces. Head tattooist and owner, Angelo Pillay, does beautiful black and grey realism that includes some pretty life-like portraits of celebrities like Salvatore Dali. Other artists are Lestat, Juan-Pierre and Peter. They pride themselves on fantastic service, and they deliver too. This team will go out of their way to make sure their clients are comfortable, especially if it is their first time.

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Handstyle 7th Street Tattoos and Company

Handstyle is tucked away in the hub that is Melville. They cover a bit of everything from traditional to new school and black and grey to fully coloured. The artists are Ross Hallam, Taryn Nissen, Mercia Heystek and Ruan Hass. Their tattoos have a unique and modern twist with a masculine feel, which might not be a favourite for everyone. But they are still fully capable of pulling off spectacular fine detailed work for those of us with a preference for feminine tattoos.

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Fallen Heroes

Parkhurst is where you’ll find this tattoo studio. It has seven artists up their sleeve. What makes this place worth the big bucks is that the artists here are just that – artists. They fell in love with art before moving on to ink. This gives them the capabilities to bring any of your ideas to reality. The options are limitless for what they can do, making your body a true canvas of top art. We love the sketching style of Lauren Peachfish, their resident illustrative specialist.

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Artrageous Tattoos

This is one of the very few vegan tattoo parlours in Joburg. Leading the pack is Paige Becket, who has a talent for bringing tattoos to life. Seriously, they look like photos rather than tattoos. Paige is joined by fellow tattooists, Lileen van den Burg, whose tattoos come straight out a Tim Burton movie. As well as Le-Tanja Moller, the junior artist behind some amazing black and white pieces and Kyle Beyers, who is master of portraits. The best thing about this parlour is how friendly all the people are. This is the place for people who are unsure about their designs, Paige and her team are willing to take the time and discuss all your options. They understand that this is your tattoo and that you will have it for life.

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Now you know where you’ll be getting your next (or first) spot of ink. If you’re unsure about what happens next, read our Tattoo and Piercing 101 guide.

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2 thoughts on “Top Tattoo Parlours In Joburg

  1. Crew Mens Grooming has opened their new Store with the new owners Kyle Mundell in 90 Degrees on Rivonia and now offer Tattoos in-store as well an their artist is amazing

    Call Them

  2. From personal experience with Nina Wu (Zen Ink), I can honestly say I trust her and her work. Great, responsible human being and great artist.
    Her pricing is also fantastic.

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