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Top Taco Spots In Johannesburg

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Corn tortilla tacos are what life is all about. Well, not quite, but you know what we mean. We all need good Mexican food in our lives and it's about time that tacos become a staple food. Here's a list of the best taco stops in town. grilled-chicken-tacos

Baha Taco

Norwood has a lot to offer us culinary types. From Asian cuisine to traditional Italian and Portuguese, there is something here for every palate. However, it's Norwood's take on tacos that has us really revved up. Check out Baha Taco on the famous Grant Avenue for your favourite refried beans and cheese stuffed lovelies. Their freshly made taco shells are made from stone ground wheat flour, making them extra light and crispy. Baha Taco also recently introduced a few vegan taco options to their menu. So, bring all your mates along for an authentic Mexican street food experience, right in the heart of Norwood. Hit them up on Taco Tuesdays, for an all you can eat feast.

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Details: 38 Grant Avenue, Norwood, Johannesburg | 071 345 6625 | [email protected]


Mama Mexicana

What's better than enjoying a cerveza in the City of Gold while munching on some prime soft shell tacos? Maboneng's Mama Mexicana certainly holds the fort when it comes to spicy food. Their menu features an array of taco flavours, including beef, chicken, pulled pork and vegetarian. However, we recommend that you take a gamble and try their fish tacos. These amazing hard shell morsels will have you salivating for more. With a squeeze of lime and a shot of tequila, these tacos go down as a real treat.

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Details: 264 Fox Street, Maboneng Precinct, City and Suburban, Johannesburg | 011 334 1982 | [email protected]


Tequila and tacos, my friends. What more could you need? Perron is unofficially known as the Mexican Appreciation Society, displaying a passion for Mexican flavours and the sweet agave nectar we have all come to love. Perron is one of the few restaurants in Joburg to offer gourmet tacos, solely created for your Latin American cuisine cravings. With 12 varieties of flavour, their taco menu is one of the best the city has to offer. They also now offer vegetarian and vegan tacos, as well as specialty editions. Come by for a real fiesta at either their Illovo or Bryanston branches.

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Salsa Mexican Grill

The vibe at Salsa is unbeatable, there is always an air of celebration and good cheer. Plus, you can craft your own meal here with their build your own menu option. Choose between a hard or soft shell taco base, protein or veg, extra toppings like wild rice or black beans, a cheese of your liking and salsa to top it all off. Be warned, when Salsa say spicy, they mean it! But, the chilli sweats are well worth it as you savour the taste of contemporary Mexican dining. They have a few branches located around Joburg, so those tasty tacos are never too far away.

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The Green Craft Bar 

The Green Craft Bar is all about great beer, hearty food and good times. Located in Modderfontein, Glenvista and Benoni, this pub meets hipster eatery offers gluten free tacos topped with lightly spiced chicken strips, red onion, tomato, lime and coriander pico da gallo. Tuck into your moreish tacos as you overlook any of the Green's fantastic outdoor views. Sipping a craft beer alongside friends, this is the perfect little accompaniment to any weekend outing.

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La Rosa Mexican Grille & Tequileria

La Rosa is one of the fastest growing Mexican food chains in Joburg. Having been awarded the 2017 Best of Joburg for Best New Restaurant, they have continued to expand their menu. The taco section of the menu is especially impressive, featuring gourmet tacos served in a soft corn shell or flour tortilla. You can also order a Tex-Mex hard shell corn taco if that's more your flavour. While La Rosa's taco options are meat heavy, there are vegetarian options available. All tacos are served with salsa and lime for an extra burst of sour-spiciness. Make sure to place your order before downing a first tequila, as these are some true taco tongue twisters!

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Tiger's Milk

If you're in the mood for 'dude food', then Tiger's Milk is the place to go. From gourmet burgers, to cheesy pizza and the iconic Tiger's Milk lager, there is no shortage of grub here. The Tex-Mex portion of their menu features four taco options - chicken, pulled pork, fish and veggie. You may want to order a board to share before kicking off your epic feast. Or, simply pig out on these Mexican morsels. Either way, you are sure to leave more than satisfied.

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Do you know of any other restaurants that serve tacos in Johannesburg? Let us know about them! 


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