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Where To Shop For Your Son Or Daughter’s Matric Dance

Where To Shop For Your Son Or Daughter’s Matric Dance

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Shopping for the perfect Matric Dance dress can try the patience of a saint, mom and (in my case), aunt. Having spent the past few weeks devoted to helping my niece find the perfect dress (that she also never before seen in her life) - I feel I am somewhat qualified to suggest a few places! I also know the perfect spots that serve alcohol. In case you need some. Like I did.

J.J. Schoeman 

Ironically, this was both the very first and last shop we tried on our hunt for Matric Dance dresses. J.J Schoeman has some of THE most beautiful dresses we have ever seen. But, don’t be fooled – this small shop houses a treasure-trove of dresses, which can be altered or tailored according to preference. If you give them enough notice, they can also create something specific – so be sure to take your ideas with you in case you’d prefer having something made. Their quality is exceptional, as is the fabric – we have no doubt that the resulting dress will be worn for years to come!

Bride & Co

As for Bride & Co – trust us, it’s not just for bridesmaid dresses! If you’re looking for something short, rather than the traditional long dress, then choose from their selection of cute cocktail dresses. Or, if traditional is what you want, then browse through their huge variety of long dresses available in many different styles and colours. Do book a fitting to avoid disappointment.

Simri Bridal Boutique

Simri Bridal Boutique can make your dream Matric Dance dress for you – either to hire or to buy! They also have a wide selection of bright and vibrant options, and an on-site seamstress to discuss any design requirements that you may have in mind.

Dresses By Roxanne

This Northriding studio will design and make a one-of-a-kind Matric Dance dress from start to finish. We love the fact that they will work and adhere to your specific budget, and aim to make all shapes and sizes look their absolute best. Their website is an excellent starting place to view the types of dresses they have made for previous customers, and they are renowned for quality items and excellent service. Click here for more information.

The Dress Suit

This one is for the guys! The Dress Suit offers gentlemen an outstanding selection of tuxedos, tails, formal wear and accessories. These include cumber bands, waistcoats, cufflinks and handkerchiefs, for hire. Choose designer suits from Christian Dior and Yves St Laurent, and have them tailored by their experienced tailors to find that perfect fit. There is also a made-to-measure service available if you are looking for something different.

matric dance

Just Gowns

With an extensive range of Matric dance dresses to suit your shape and size (available from sizes 6 to 18), including Faviana and Jovani dresses from New York, Just Gowns offers you stunning dresses to “borrow, party, and return“. Their policy of not allowing an identical dress to be duplicated at your Matric farewell means that you don’t have to worry about someone else turning up in “your” dress! By appointment only.


Misteeq in Alberton is another unsung hero that deserves a spotlight! Operating by appointment only, the team will take their time helping you choose the perfect dress to suit what you have in mind, your colour of choice, and your particular body shape. Appointments are available from Monday to Friday (9am to 4pm) and on Saturday (8am to 12pm). The store is also one to bookmark for wedding dresses and other evening dresses down the line!

Young Designers Emporium

This budget-friendly option is every mother’s dream with affordable alternatives to high-end price tags. We found a couple of front-runners that were ruled out only because they were too similar to what other girls would be wearing on the night. It’s touch-and-go as to what dresses will be featured each time you visit, but YDE is a highly recommended first port of call!

Michaelangelo Towers

There are a number of stores that are well worth the visit – each with its unique style of dress! The selection at each shop was a lot smaller and more limited than other stores we visited, but the styles of dresses were so unique and completely breathtaking that we’re convinced some very lucky girls will find their dream Matric Dance dress in one of them!

matric dance

Know of other great spots to shop for your son or daughter’s Matric Dance not mentioned above? Let us know below!

Remember that our “Top Picks” are not paid for and are compiled at the discretion of the journalist. We only write about what we love.


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