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Top Simple Cloud Storage Providers

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Online or cloud storage providers allow you to safely upload and store your files on the Internet. If you're not in the business of using external hard drives for backups or just for storage, here are some easy-to-use cloud storage providers you can try!

cloud storage

Uses a desktop application to automatically sync files from your computer to the cloud so you are never at risk of missing a backup. The app is available for all your smart devices allowing you to access your information at anytime and any place. Your information is completely secure with a 265 Bit Encryption. Your laptop is tracked hourly allowing you to find it in the event that it gets lost. You are also provided with 24/7 technical support, should you need assistance with anything related.

Compatibility: PC, Mac, Linux

Storage: Unlimited

Cost: Free (limited offer)


Allows large file sharing with multiple people and large file storage. You can safely share information with people who don't have Dropbox. Your information is accessible from anywhere and at anytime, as you can use the app from your smart device. Everything kept on Dropbox is automatically synced to all your devices with the Dropbox app. You can edit files on your Dropbox account and everyone in the folder will automatically receive the updates as well. You also can upgrade your plan to unlimited storage for $15.00 (approximately R241.08) monthly plus tax.

Compatibility: PC and Mac

Storage: 50GB

Cost: $9.99 (approximately R160.60)

Google Drive

The first 15GB you receive is free! Your information is accessible from anywhere as long as you have access to your Drive account. Sharing and sending large files is quick and easy. Recipients can easily access the information and Drive if they also have a Google account but files can still be sent to someone without a Google account. You can edit files online and they will automatically be saved. You can scan and save documents on the Drive to other devices as PDFs. The Drive is secured with SSL encryption, which is the same security feature used on Gmail and other Google services.

Compatibility: PC, Mac, Linux

Storage: 200GB

Cost: $19.99 (approximately R325.00)

Microsoft OneDrive

Like most cloud storage providers, with MS OneDrive you have access to your information from any smart device. Cloud file sharing is made easy among multiple users/computers with added email support. You can backup any large files safely with the encrypted file safety feature. You can simply drag and drop files from your computer to the Drive or the other way around and the sync will automatically start, hassle-free. You can also use OneDrive for business purposes as the Drive comes with tools that allow your IT department to protect your company's important data.

Compatibility: PC and Mac

Storage: 100GB

Cost: $4.26 (approximately R68.48)


Automatically backup your Mac and iPhone using iCloud. You can access your information from iCloud using any of your Apple devices (excluding classic iPod and iPod shuffles). Should you wish to automatically sync only certain information, you can change the settings to automatically sync only that information or opt to manually sync instead. Any edits you make on one device will automatically be updated to the rest of your devices. This allows for you to work on the same file using different devices, so you could start working from your Mac then complete your project on your iPad.

Compatibility: Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS 9)

Storage: 50GB

Cost: $8.33 (approximately R133.85)

For more Cloud Storage Provider options, visit this website.

By Cleopatra Shava


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