Top Piercing Parlours Around Joburg

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Body art has grown in popularity in recent years. Now you can walk into just about any piercing parlour and walk out studded to the max. But only the best will do, so we found some of the best piercing parlours in Joburg. piercing

Rising Dragon

Like most piercing parlours, this is also a tattoo parlour. Most of the tattoo artists at this studio are also qualified piercers. What we love about this studio is their plentiful jewellery options from colourful tongue rings to the unique cartilage studs. Owner, Angelo is always very friendly and professional and is more than happy to discuss everything with clients in detail.

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Little Shop Of Horrors

This piercing studio specialises in more exotic piercings, such as genital and dermal implants. Naquiska is the senior piercing artist who is a former medical student, so rest assured you'll be in safe hands. A lover of body modification herself, one needn't feel shy when being pierced by her. They often have some awesome and unique specials, so keep an eye on their Facebook page to stay in the loop.

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Zen Ink

Zen Ink is widely regarded as the best tattoo and piercing studio in the east. It was started by award-winning husband and wife team, Nina and Jay-Cee Rademeyer. They offer a variety of piercings such as lip, helix, tragus, rook and auricle. They also sell a range of piercing jewellery on their website.

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Sally Mustang Tattoos

Sally Mustang is a studio in Sandton who aim to produce high quality tattoos and piercings because they believe body art is a lifestyle that lasts longer than a single moment. Their piercing artist can assist in helix, tragus, lobe, philtrum and navel piercings. They also offer some of the most gorgeous cluster piercing jewellery on the market.

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Black and White Tattoo Studios

This studio was founded by tag-team, Tiplo and Dave. They have over 14 years experience between them and have worked on some of South Africa's most popular celebrities and artists. They have their very own piercing artist, Thato. Thato doesn't divide his time between tattoos and piercings, instead he focuses his time and talent only on piercings. This means he can offer you the best in piercings and piercing advice.

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The Painted Lady

This studio is run by some very talented tattoo and piercing professionals. What sets them apart from the rest is their friendliness. This is a great place to start with for people who have no idea what to expect or who are nervous. Hayley will gladly discuss any concerns and welcomes people to the studio to have a look around and a cup of coffee.

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Now you know where you'll be getting your next (or first) piercing. If you're unsure about what happens next, read our great Tattoo and Piercing 101 guide.

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