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Top Nutrition & Fitness Apps To Download & Try

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Good health and fitness are a priority in most people's lives but, with busy lives and work deadlines, gym is not always doable. Finding time to go to a dietician or nutritionist, then sticking to a set eating plan can also be tricky without strict discipline. Luckily, with technology and the wonderful world of apps, maintaining good health and fitness is just a download away. Here are our top picks when it comes to nutrition and fitness apps! Top 10 Nutrition & Fitness Apps

Home Workout – No Equipment

Let's start this list with something we believe we all need: an app that allows us to stay fit whilst at home and working out without any equipment required. Why? Because a lot of us don't feel comfortable with strangers in the gym or simply can't afford the monthly fees. This app will help you stay fit without any equipment whatsoever and it's free!

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free


Nike+ Training Club

Offering more than 100 workouts put together by Nike master trainers, you can forget about paying an extra fee at the gym for a personal trainer. You have the option to choose your specific fitness goals – no matter what fitness level you're at, there's a workout perfect for you. From getting lean and toned to strong and fit, easy-to-follow workout plans coupled with video tutorials make it super simple for beginners.

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free

My Fitness Pal

Keep track of your calorie intake with this easy-to-use app. All you have to do is log your meal by searching brand name foods on the MyFitnessPal's vast database where most meals already exist. For meals not on the base, log in the recipe and the app will calculate the approximate nutritional information. The more you use the app, the more accustomed it becomes to your diet, and it will start automatically saving your favourite foods that can be added to a list of your daily meals.

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Workout Songs


This app can count your steps – given that most of us carry our phones with us all day – which is particularly useful as a health measure for better blood circulation or general well-being. It can also track your calorie intake and record your health information such as blood pressure and glucose levels. You can set your weight and fitness goals and the app will track your progress. For the fun of it, you can compete with friends by sharing progress stats and joining fitness challenges!

Compatibility: Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web

Cost: Free

7 Minute Workout

This app is best for those with extremely tight schedules who hardly have time for exercise. You might as well cancel your gym membership and utilise this brilliant app that gives you well-rounded workout plans in just minutes. You can set reminders and voice commands to ensure that you never miss one, along with your goals, and track your progress, earn health-related rewards and share your success on social media! No Internet access is needed, and you can sync your devices for efficiency and accessibility.

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free but offers in-app purchases


No idea what the nutritional labels on food actually mean? Fooducate helps you understand these labels and allows you to pull up information about the food product from the barcodes. You can also use the app to track your calorie intake and your exercise routines, and you can personalise it according to your age, gender, height and health needs, all while learning how to eat for your health requirements.

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free but offers in-app purchases

Nike+ Running

This app tracks your runs and helps you reach your goals, which is perfect if you're training for a marathon. From first-time runners to marathon pros, it measures your route and motivates you to run further and faster. From training programmes to daily workouts, everything you need to be race-ready is provided. You can measure your progress by the kilometre with the in-run audio feedback feature included. For a competitive edge, you can map your run and compare your progress with other runners.

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free


Sure, gym or exercise in the comfort of your own home can be great and all, but sometimes you need to break your routine with other fitness methods such as yoga, Zumba or Pilates. MINDBODY Connect helps you discover all the fun and different workout classes that are happening near you. You can book a class with a fitness centre using the app and have it automatically synced to your calendar and added to your favourites.

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Strava Running & Cycling

Join a community of athletes from around the world with the Strava app. The app allows you to track your runs and rides while assisting you to analyse and quantify your performance. With added motivation and camaraderie, riding and running will become nothing short of a joy. You can also compete and connect with other riders and runners on the Strava community, making the experience all the more fulfilling.

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free but offers in-app purchases Studio

With 289 poses and breathing exercises all shown in HD video, yoga has never been more delightful to practice. The app allows you to search for poses by skill level, fitness goal or by type of pose, making it user-friendly for everyone, particularly beginners. Users can also add their own poses, variations and custom programmes to suit their specific goals and needs. With this app you will be floating in no time!

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: R54.99* on iOS and Free on Android, offering in-app purchases


Mango Health

This app features reminders for when to take medication, how to build healthy habits, such as tracking your steps, weight or blood pressure, keeps record of your health history and rewards you for sticking to your health routine. Another very useful element is the drug interaction information that warns and informs you about which medication, supplements or foods are potentially dangerous or complementary to use together. Smart, hey?

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free but offers in-app purchases


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