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Top Meditation Apps

Top Meditation Apps

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If you don't quite have the time to look for a meditation centre or class to join, you can always opt for a meditation app instead. Here is a list of our top options to help you out! meditation    


Are you new to the whole meditation game? Then Calm is just what you need. Starting out with a seven-day programme, you can customise the sounds, duration, and visuals to focus on while meditating. After the seven-day programme you can subscribe to and pay for a 21-day programme.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android.


Learn the art of meditation with the Headspace app. This app starts you off on level one, which includes daily 10-minute sessions that help you get accustomed to meditating on a regular basis. You can also choose to focus on foundation, performance and/or health.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android.

Take a Break!

Take a Break! allows you to take some time out from the world, with or without music. The simple interface is straightforward and ideal for people looking for a stress reliever and no additional fancy features. You can even pick between a short break or a long break depending on your needs.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android.

Smiling Mind

Give your mind something to smile about with the Smiling Mind app. Created with the intention of increasing happiness and compassion in the world, this app makes meditation easy for all age groups. The interface is also user friendly so everyone from kids to grandparents can use it.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android.

Mindfulness App

Accommodating to beginners and all the way through to experts, the Mindfulness App incorporates all levels of meditation. Whenever you have a free moment to yourself, you can zone out of the world and zone into yourself and inner peace. You can also choose a guided meditation or a silent one.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android.

Stop, Breathe & Think

It's important to check in within yourself on a day to day basis. Use the Stop, Breath & Think app to check-in with your emotions and receive daily meditation and mindfulness recommendations. The app claims to decrease users anxiety levels by up to 46%, improve sleep and overall well-being, too.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android.


Know other great meditation apps not mentioned above? Let us know below!


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  1. needs a mention. To my mind the best meditation app out there. Many Jo'burgers on it.

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