Top Italian Restaurants In Joburg

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If you’re on the hunt for the best Italian restaurant in Joburg, stop what you’re doing right now because your search is over. Check out our top 10 list, and enjoy the wonderful restaurants we’ve picked. Also, vote for your favourite restaurant in our Joburg's Choice Awards by taking the poll at the bottom. Italian

Italian restaurants in Joburg are all over the show. No matter which corner you turn, you will find pizza and pasta galore... but not all of there are worth your time or hard-earned cash. With that said, come with us as we take you on a curated tour of the best Italian restaurants in Joburg.

La Trinita

If you’re a fan of authentic Italian food, there’s no better place to get it than at Ristorante La Trinita in Kyalami. Run by a mother and daughter team, it really is a gem of a restaurant. If ever you go back more than once, both these women will recognise you immediately and Lala, the daughter, will be able to remember exactly what you ate when you first paid them a visit (even if you go back 100 times after that).

Nonna Mia's Kitchen

Nonna Mia’s Kitchen is known for their delicious pizza, so when you pay them a visit, this is your best bet. They come in various sizes – six, eight or 24 pieces – which will satisfy your craving for something warm and cheesy from the first bite.


Situated in the Colony centre, Pronto is a wonderful Italian restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is fantastic, so it’s definitely recommended that you go all out and order a starter, main and dessert – just be sure to arrive hungry, so that you've got room for everything!

Old Town Italy

Old Town Italy has opened up shop in Johannesburg! Situated in Jamie's Italian's old spot at Melrose Arch, Old Town Italy offers a deli-style cafe, a sit-down restaurant, and a little corner shop all in one. The Old Town values, regardless of being considered old-fashioned, are held in high regard. The brand’s foundations were built slowly; forged by skill, fortitude, passion and dedication. This celebration of Italian culture dotes on creating a close-knit, family atmosphere. Old Town Italy strives to restore the qualities of personal attention and building meaningful relationships through hearty smiles, high-level product knowledge and providing sound advice generously.

Super Sconto

Super Sconto is a family-run restaurant and supermarket where you can pick up all kinds of goodies. The upstairs deli section is where you can find what’s arguably the best sandwich in town: pick a freshly baked panini (small or large) and choose your toppings from the deli counter. Super Sconto also has daily pasta specials, so be on the lookout for those. They’re only open for breakfast and lunch, so just keep this in mind the next time you’re thinking of heading over.

Trattoria Renato Pizzeria

Trattoria Renato Pizzeria is a homely restaurant as authentically Italian as they come – it almost feels like you're in the middle of Italy. When deciding on what to devour, always start with their basic salad – it’s super-simple yet a must-have to whet your appetite. Next, check out the specials board for something different that might just catch your eye, and it'll be well worth it!

Gemelli Cuccina

Gemelli Cucina Bar is a popular spot in Bryanston where you can treat your taste buds to everything from pasta and meaty dishes to prawns, chicken and so much more. What’s great is that, when it comes to pasta, if you want to share with your table, you can order family-sized bowls. A little bit of everything sounds pretty great to us!

 Italian Restaurants In Joburg


Are you looking for Italian restaurants in Joburg that's not quite within the city? We've got you! Situated in the stunning Muldersdrift area, Casalinga, a fabulous Italian eatery, is perfect to visit for a long, leisurely Sunday lunch spent admiring the country scenery. Why not take the whole family along and make a day of it?


Luca’s does real Italian, and it does it well. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, pasta or even a main meat dish, you’ll find what you're craving for at this place. Whatever you decide to order, just be sure to leave some space for dessert – let's just say that the tiramisu comes highly recommended.

Café Del Sol And Café Del Sol Botanico

By far one of our favourite Italian restaurants in Joburg, Café Del Sol is a well-known family-run Italian establishment that only produces top-notch food – they don’t have a stellar reputation for anything, you know. It’s safe to say that, no matter what you order, you won’t be disappointed. This goes for both branches – Café Del Sol and Café Del Sol Botanico. P.S. Both restaurants are winners when it comes to celebrating special occasions.

Italian restaurants in Joburg

Know of other great Italian restaurants not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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17 comments on “Top Italian Restaurants In Joburg”

  1. An awesome, friendly Italian. Their calzone is the best! Argentine rump is pretty spectacular too.

  2. Luca's is a relaxed authentic Italian restaurant. It is good for any occasion with anybody, family lunch, dinner, dates, business! Luca always accommodates you and makes you feel like you are at home. The food is very good and so consistent, week in, week out, year in, year out.
    We love Luca's

  3. Jamie's has introduced so many of the classic Italian dishes with a cordon blue twist. The dishes just come out so different. Both Prawn and Mushroom pastas (pasta Porchini) are phenomenal. The pizza is great and to top it off the staff are excellent with the manager Ozzi adding a differentaiting touch. Litsa Rousso

  4. Surprised about not seeing "The Eatalian" in Parkmore
    Their espresso is "best in town"
    I also love the lasagne
    I go there often for light business lunches

  5. No one is better than La Trineta. This poll is pointless. You cant base your end results on a voting poll. Food critics all over the world has voted this restaurant as the best by far.

  6. La Trinita streets ahead of Jamie Oliver. Besides being a great venue Jamie Olivers falls far short of being a half decent italian eatery there are plenty others better. La Trinita has a great vibe and passionate italian in Lala always ready to please and make fresh authentic Italian quisine in a fun atmosphere.

  7. La Trinita is delightfully authentic and the cuisine is delicious! I won't go anywhere else for an Italian meal.

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