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The Top Hip Hop Venues In Joburg

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Before we get kicking on this pumping article, let's quickly state a little something something off the bat. There are mainstream hip hop venues in Joburg and then there's real hip hop venues in Joburg. We're going to look at both  (but love the underground venues way more). big_thumb_3f69b01375abc833602c56aad51009f2

Note, these venues are not solely dedicated to hip hop but are known for featuring this genre of music. One love.


The top of the Braamfontein with some boom bap beats in the background, a drink in your hand, and the city skyline spread out in front of you. That is why we love Randlords so much. Every now and then they spoil us with a lekker hip hop. Just check the venue's calendar to find out when the next show will be.


Maboneng is the hippest place in town. It has become a melting pot for all of the country's cultures to mix and match and become this giant beast that just spews cool... yeah, something like that. Poolside is a pretty rad venue, not only to catch a tan, but to listen to the coolest MCs around. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for gig updates.


The best hip hop in Jozi comes from the streets of the inner city. Kospotong often has live music jamming so loud that the whole of Gandhi Square listens up. Good old fashioned rap music is the order of the day on a monthly basis. They also host pretty chilled jazz bands every now and then ... and the food ain't bad either.

Zen Nightclub

We're headed back to Maboneng with this entry. Zen Nightclub is a pretty chilled place to get your groove on. Nothing goes as well with hip hop as a Hennessy on ice. At Zen you can enjoy both. As always, just check their calendar for events.

Banister Hotel

This happens every now and then, but the Banister Hotel has hosted some cool hip hop shows in recent times. It's a super cool venue in Braamies and makes for a lekker outing. The acoustics in the venue is quite impressive, and you get to order draught beer while your favourite local acts spin the decks and man the mics.

By Shawn Greyling

Have we left any of your favourite hip hop venues out? Let us know in the comments section below. Sharing is caring so post this on social media for us. Lekker.



2 comments on “The Top Hip Hop Venues In Joburg”

  1. Hi Shawn , Hope you well. There are 2 brand new venues: 1 - Stones Fourways every Friday Night. 2 - Room 22 every Saturdays in Sunninghill - The Square Shopping Center above Domino's Pizza. Trust me these clubs ' LIT'. Thanks Homie............

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