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Top Five Gadgets To Gift Your Man

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Who ever said that only men should do the spoiling? When it comes to gifting your man, you can never go wrong with a gadget. Here’s a list of the hottest technology gifts that money can buy right now!Gadgets For Him

1. GoPro Hero4 Session Camera

This is the first new camera body that GoPro has released since we were introduced to the Digital Hero in 2006. The newer model is 50 per cent smaller, 40 per cent lighter and can be set, suctioned, attached or bolted to places its predecessor couldn’t, say experts. Plus, the nifty device is just as powerful (1080p60 video and 8MP photos), just as waterproof, and just as user-friendly. Plus, you can use it too (us ladies all love a good selfie, right?)!

2. Philips Norelco Vacuum Stubble Trimmer

It sucks rushing around getting ready in the morning, but what’s even worse than that is having to share a basin with your guy! Am I right? Thought so. A basin full of hair is just, well, gross. If your man had this electric stubble trimmer with an integrated vacuum system, you’d never have to worry about dealing with his yucky stubble in the basin ever again. So, technically, it would be a gift to you both - well, that’s how we see it, at least.

3. Samsung Smart Watch

Does your man compulsively check his phone (it’s okay, many of us girls are guilty of it too!)? With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, however, those days may be over. This awesome gift is sure to impress him – it lets you control and monitor your smartphone through a 1.9-megapixel camera-equipped touchscreen watch!

4. Nike+ Fuelband

Whether your guy is a complete fitness fanatic already on the way towards peak performance, or he's just diving into the world of concentrated activity, the Nike+ Fuelband will help him monitor and improve his athleticism. The handy gadget tells you how much energy you’ve burned and helps you stay motivated by sharing your goals and progress with friends… how cool?!

5. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

One of the best quality portable speakers for your man’s smartphone, this device connects to your phone via Bluetooth, which is easy to use and configure. It’s battery-operated and the batteries are rechargeable for further convenience. Plus, it’s perfect for him to slip into his bag or backpack, since it’s a nifty size and super-light.

by Candice May

Know other awesome gadgets to get for him not mentioned above? Let us know below!


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