Top Female Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram

If you’re anything like us, scrolling through your Insta feed involves lusting after clothes, drooling at picture-perfect foodie creations and feeling inspired by the female fitness accounts we follow. Getting motivated has never been easier – just check out our list of fab and fit female-focused accounts to follow (wow that was a lot of alliteration), and it’s off to the gym you go!


Kayla Itsines

Kayla has dominated the fitness world, thanks to her revolutionary creation of BBG (Bikini Body Guides), which anyone and everyone can do. She often posts transformation pics of girls before and after they embarked on the BBG journey and let’s just say that they’re all jaw-droppingly amazing! Not everyone becomes a stick-thin supermodel from following the BBG plan – the whole idea behind it is ‘strong not skinny’ which is such a great attitude to have in mind during your fitness journey. Kayla herself is very relatable and often posts workout videos so that you can double check you’re doing all the moves right.

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Way Of Gray

Although we most definitely are not, it feels like we are friends with Sophie Gray of Way of Gray. That’s how relatable this holistic nutritionist and personal trainer is. With a knockout body, workout guides, meal plans and open, honest advice when it comes to fitness, what’s not to love? Plus, Sophie often posts the unexpected. What we mean by that is she doesn’t highlight an unrealistic version of her life but rather talks about her bad days, tells you about her pimples and shows off her super-cute dog.

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Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk used to be an Australian pole vaulter until she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. She completely turned her life around and is now an exercise psychologist, elite athletics coach and a yoga instructor. On top of all that, she has also created a 12-week training programme called Fresh Body Fit Mind. This guide will provide you with everything you need to start your fitness journey, including live workouts, exercise videos, weekly tips and access to an online ‘fit fam’.

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Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines is the brains behind what she calls the Bikini Body Challenge. She’s a model, personal trainer and fitness expert who is on a mission to change lives with her passion for health and wellness. To start, why not take on her 28-Day Booty Challenge? There are at-home and at-gym options, so you can do the workouts any time and anywhere! Ashy also offers a clean-eating diet plan so that you can really get the whole shebang.

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This fit chick is a mother of two, a fitness specialist for both women and children and has a Bachelor’s Degree in health and physical education. Phew! She posts plenty of pics of her working out with her kids (can you even believe she’s had children with a body like hers?), delicious and healthy meals and general health and workout tips that are actually super-helpful. She’s seriously inspiring and if you’re not following her yet, you’ve got to do it now.

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Zanna van Dijk

Zanna van Dijk is a blogger, trainer and fitness model all in one. This stunning girl gives fantastic tips on how to get what she calls ‘girlgains’ – this fits in with the trend of being ‘strong not skinny’ which, we hope for everyone’s sake, is not just a fad. Not only does she upload workout vids just so you can see how super-strong she actually is, but she also posts pics of what she’s putting into her body – and trust us when we say that it’s not just chicken and broccoli!

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Base Body Babes

Base Body Babes are a team of two personal trainer sisters who share a love of fitness, food and fashion. Do yourself a favour and hit that follow button for some serious ‘fitspiration’. The sister team is seriously fit and they’re not afraid of showing it. Plus, they’re always dressed in the best workout gear – this alone is enough to make you want to get some fab gear so that you can hit the gym ASAP.

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Yoga Girl

Rachel Brathen, AKA Yoga Girl, has coined #yogaeverydamnday and she sure means it. This super-bendy gal posts such fun yoga videos, more often than not, featuring her dogs. They’re short videos that always have great songs playing in the background and are also done in fast motion, which makes them even cooler. She just seems like the happiest person alive so if you’re looking for some feel-good inspiration, you’ve got to give her a follow. Plus, she’s honest about life, which is great. If something bad happens to her, she’ll tell you about it – good, bad or ugly.

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Fitazfk is a great account to follow if you’re looking to embark on your health and fitness journey. The majority of posts on this account are of real people who have taken on the Fitazfk lifestyle challenge and, well, see for yourself! The Fitazfk plan is a fitness and nutrition guide plus a cookbook that’ll help you get #FitazIn28Days.

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Corporate Sneakers

Corporate Sneakers is a follower of Kayla Itsines’ BBG and often posts progress pics of herself. Just check her transformation out, and we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be in awe – this chick is strong! Our favourite thing about her account is that she posts workout videos, which we find really helpful. Plus, she doesn’t care how sweaty and red-faced she looks – she’ll post a workout selfie, it’s great!

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By Nikki Samakosky

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