Top Six HealthyFood Studio Dessert Recipes

Just because you’ve chosen a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on dessert – not at all! There are plenty of healthy swaps you can make in the kitchen to ensure your sweet tooth is satiated!

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Chocolate Covered Bananas 

Bananas are brilliant. They are like potassium punching hand grenades wrapped by Mother Nature herself. They are super versatile as well. You can have them as-is, stuff them into the blender to make a breakfast smoothie, or just cover them in dark chocolate and nuts. It’s so good, and oh-so-healthy.

Read the full recipe here.

Lemon Tart With A Coconut Date Crust

In recent time coconuts have become the cool kid at the club everyone wants to hang out with. It is super versatile. Its shaving can be used as confectionery, its flesh can be snacked on, its milk used in curries and its cream used in pretty much anything. With that said, the smart folks at the HealthyFood Studio have put together an amazing lemon tart that’s worth its weight in rubies and gold. They through in some dates into the crust made of coconut that’s off the hook and as healthy as a million mile jog… well, given that you’d be able to jog that far.

Read the full recipe here.

Mango Tart With Orange Frangipane 

Have you ha frangipane before? Don’t let that question confuse you too much. Frangipane is a fancy word for almond cream. We’ve recently been introduced to these amazing mango tarts topped with orange infused frangipane. You absolutely need to try this recipe out.

Read the full recipe here.

Orange-Scented Cheese Cake 

Ah, cheesecake. How we love you. Unfortunately, whenever we eat the ‘real’ version, our favourite pair of jeans seems to disagree. The recipe below is made using only tip top ingredients that will satisfy the pallet and stall the waistline from bumping up a size or three.

Read the full recipe here.

Poached Cling Peaches With Yogurt 

This recipe is what sweet dreams are made of. Cling peaches may be a bugger to work with… but so is making your first million. The outcome to both these subjects are similar – worth every effort. With this recipe the peaches are poached and served with probiotic rich yogurt.

Read the full recipe here.

Roasted Pineapple With Ginger & Cream

You’ll have to turn the oven on for this one! This recipe is easy, simple and, of course, healthy to the max. The next time your tummy rumbles and you think of shutting it up with a roasted pineapple with ginger and cream, think again – these guys will come to the rescue.

Read the full recipe here.

By Shawn Greyling

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