Thyme On Nicol

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Thyme on Nicol is located in Pick n Pay itself, at the corner of William Nicol and Republic Road.

Thyme On Nicol is an unassuming spot with a deliciously diverse yet affordable menu which include toasties, coffee, salads, smash-burgers, fish cakes and decent sushi (straight from their sushi bar!) to name a few. Situated at Pick n Pay on William Nicol Drive, the restaurant serves fresh produce from the  supermarket itself. So it would be advisable to have an eating session at Thyme on Nicol before you start shopping! The food here maintains a high standard, and offers a meal for any occasion.

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  1. The sushi is very average. The sushi conveyor belt area smells heavily of fish or something else. Also lacking in variety. Plus, R22 for a 540ml can of coke? Next door at PnP it's R16 for an entire 2L?

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