Experience Raw Art At The Market Theatre Laboratory

It’s a collective art world in Newtown, experience a hub of performing arts and talent at The Market Laboratory. It’s show time!

The Market Lab

Experience Raw Art At The Market Theatre Laboratory

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If you know anything about Newtown then you know that this is the one place in Joburg that can bring artists from all walks of life together for the love of the arts. What brings them to here all the more is The Market Lab.

This place is filled with art and creativity, surrounded by many facilities that practice the arts, share the arts and render the arts. You are absolutely spoiled for choice when you are here, but most of all the most dominant thing that brings the whole of Johannesburg to Newtown is theatre.

This calls for an introduction to the market laboratory; the urban and sophisticated theatre that is an element of the traditional nostalgic Market Theatre. Situated right across from historical Museum Africa and Mary Fitzgerald Square, this beautiful architecture has not even been around for 5 years and it’s already a hit in the industry for bringing the drama, comedy, romance and storytelling at its best. Not is it a platform for actors and storytellars, but for dancers too.

The Market Lab

The Lab…

The Market Theatre Laboratory is all about inspiring, creating and perfecting the craft of amazing talent and helping them get a step closer into pursuing their dream. This hope of the arts was founded by Barney Simon and Dr John Kani; South Africa’s big names in the industry.

The Market Theatre Laboratory is one of the pillars under the The Market Theatre umbrella so by no mistake, can we separate The Market Theatre from the Market Lab. Neither can we separate them from the amazing work that they do to support young and talented artists with disadvantaged backgrounds.

What makes the ‘Lab’ even more special is the support around it. This includes Photo Workshop, The Windybrow Arts Centre and the Foundation.

The Art…


Their courses allow room for creativity, with courses like Introduction to Performance & Theatre Skills Programme and modules that include, acting, theatre-making, mime and physical theatre, voice and more.

For all the writers and all round creators, there are writing, design, stage management courses to better equip you and what better place to do this than a hub of creativity.

The Market Lab


There is also a dance school that welcomes all of the dancers (and those who don’t consider themselves ‘dancers’) to come and enjoy performance and learning more about dance.

They offer tap dance, kasie jive, contemporary and more. The open dance classes welcome everyone; they include classes for kids and adults.

The Market Lab

Show Time

The Market Lab has showcased amazing work and have also collaborated with amazing companies to create a collective, the Windybrow Arts Centre and the Market Theatre Laboratory launched a new drama company to take the performance scene to a different level.

This theatre has seen productions like The Little Prince, Hani Musical and screenings by National Theatre. So with all that said, why don’t take some time to go and check out at cool production – support that young talent the country has to offer.

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